Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Must try harder ...

Life is getting in the way of my quilting and blogging. Am not complaining - work is busy but fulfilling, am spending time with friends and family, we're sorting out all our house things and doing some major decluttering but I need more time:

The 3 things I am working on, I'm making some progress - just not at my usual pace. I have finally been shopping for gifts to send with this Pants Bag to America (I may have overdone it with the 'Hello Kitty' theme and colour pink but I hope she loves it all):

I have quilted and bound baby Saffron's birthday quilt. Just need to hand sew the binding and make a label:

And have started a new Pants Bag for one of my Strip Quilting Bees (so that she can transport her 'pants' safely when she comes to stay at the end of March.)   Her choice was pinks and blues:

My list of things to do is growing:

1) Make the back of my soldier's quilt
2) Make Pants Bags for Marie, Amy, Sarah, Jennie and Maja
3) Start a new butterfly quilt 
4) Make an iPad mini case for dear niece
5) Make a carrier bag dispenser

Linking up and promising to find the time to visit your blogs too :)

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  1. I wouldn't mind a few extra hours either! Love the cute animals on the back and the polka dot binding. I need more polka dot fabrics.

  2. Love your backing choice for the bright baby quilt! And I can totally relate to needing more hours in the day!!

  3. Love that last pants bag you've started! Been too buy sewing to find time to blog lately... Enjoy all the other aspects of your life too!

  4. Know just what you mean about having more hours in the day! I love the bright coloured baby quilt. I thought of you recently when we were away as I was putting my drawers in the drawers!! Hope you get to do some more sewing soon. I have managed to get some done tonight finally :)

  5. I know how you feel. The things you have been working on are fabulous! Enjoy yourself. :)

  6. All those Hello Kitty items and other goodies are sure to be appreciated, Jennifer. You are going to have that little girl in such a happy mood. Sure shows how much you care! Glinda the good witch is waving her wand!

  7. You sure are busy, but I am glad you are enjoying time with family. That baby quilt is turning out beautifully. The backing is super cute.

  8. I know the feeling. I wish that I could hit the pause button on time every now and then. Your Hello Kitty goodies are too cute! I am sure that some little girl is going to be head over heels in love with it all! I look forward to seeing your upcoming creations. :) Happy Quilting! -Brittany

  9. I know what you mean about time, it sure does go fast. Your Hello Kitty package is very cute and your baby quilt is gorgeous!!

  10. I know just how you feel ! And when time is short, I'd rather sew than blog ! The birthday quilt looks gorgeous :-)

  11. I think we all know what you mean. I've not blogged for ages either. Need to do so tomorrow for the x and plus swap where we're supposed to blog about what we've made on the last Friday of the month. Have you thought of joining Instagram? It's fun and quick.
    I wonder who chose pink and blue for their pants bag............?!! It's looking gorgeous.

  12. Love the hello kitty things! Lucky recipient! I can sure relate to the slipperiness of time, sometimes I wish I could pause everyone else and just get things done. I would hit the play button eventually!

  13. Totally know that feeling which is why I haven't blogged for like two or three weeks! And so sorry completely forgot to let you know colours for the pants bag. That's what happens when I check emails at work! Any kind of aqua/pale blue please. So kind of you to make me one too :) PS you can never overdo the hello kitty as far as I'm concerned!

  14. Couldn't agree more! I keep telling myself enjoy whatever I am working on!


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