Wednesday, 12 February 2014

We interrupt these WIPs ...

It's been one of those weeks ... I might get a little bit more done on these:

If my ironing table wasn't next to this:

Am loving the Winter Olympics but they're a heck of a distraction!

Check out the Missouri Quilt Company tutorial for a charm square tote bag - it's one of the best :) This is my progress so far, thinking I might keep this one for myself - made from some scrap charm squares:

It's coming together really quickly:

I am also working on a Pants Bag for a little girl:

Wave your wand, Glinda, make the evening sewing hours last twice as long as the working day ones!

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  1. We are Olympic junkies at our house too! luckily I've been working on binding a quilt while we watch. mostly stitching during commercials :)

  2. No TV, so no Olympic distractions for me. Besides the five horsemen of the apocalypse that are here every day. And could you wave that wand in my direction too?

  3. We are enjoying the winter Olympics here, too. Although I have had my own winter Olympics lately trying to drive to Great work on your projects, my dear. Great WIP.

  4. Thanks for the link, what a great way to use precut fabrics. I can see why you want to keep the bag yourself, the fabrics is fabulous.
    Cheers Pauline

  5. We are winter Olympic "fools" here!
    Sweden has got a couple of medals and thats great!
    What´s not great is that I don´t have a TV in my sewingroom so I have to do handsewing in the livingroom, while I´m biting my nails!!!

  6. That pants bag is going to be so sweet! You seem to have so many WIP's on the go this week. Hope Glinda grants your wish!

  7. All your projects are looking good! The pants bag fabric is cute. I thought about moving my sewing out to where the TV is so that I could sew and watch the Olympics, but it seemed like asking for trouble. Good luck getting longer sewing hours. If you figure out how to make that happen, perhaps you could wave that magic wand over here next? :)

  8. Yes I too have had a lot of late nights watching the Olympics, arent they great. Thank goodness they only come around every few years otherwise I would never get much sewing done.

  9. just found your blog following by bloglovin


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