Monday, 4 August 2014

Am still here :)

I have not been sewing ... I have not been blogging ... I have not been following blogs - for 3 weeks! 

A combination of life's distractions and poor wi-fi service in the new house have come between me and my favourite things. But I have been enjoying my new early morning walk to work:

And my walk back to the hotel at night via Parliament Square:

London is beautiful in the Summer. I'm working long days and living there in the week so that I get to come home to our lovely new home in Wales on a Thursday afternoon:

But it does mean I'm not spending much time in here:

It's certainly a change in the pace of life and we're spending lots more time with family ... it's been a while since she was lit up:

This weekend, I have continued making some table mats from Cath Kidston fabric, which I will finish off on the train this week or in my hotel room:

Quilted with wiggly lines:

And I have made a start on the million yards of bunting (maybe not quite that much!) for dear niece's wedding which is next September ... so plenty of time, hey?!

I still can't baste and quilt anything sizeable but I resumed physiotherapy today after a 4-week break so that's good.

I'll pop around and see what you've all been up to - lots I bet :)


  1. Oh, Jennifer, I thought you had retired and were permanently in Wales. I'm sorry that's not so. But I must say your walk to work looks very pleasant.

  2. What a beautiful walk. I've missed you, friend, but I know how a life change can be a change of focus. Honestly, I think summer is a great time to break from the blogging world if you need to. Happy to see you are back to therapy and hope that arm is good as new soon.

  3. Glad to read you're ok. I'm sure you'll get back to more sewing in the winter months. Glad to see you've been doing some wiggly line quilting.

  4. I always find it hard to change my routine with big changes like yours. I love your wavy quilting and am excited that you have some handwork while you are away from home.

  5. Nice to hear from you again. My, what a busy schedule you have now! Hope you have a chance to relax in your sewing room again soon.

  6. Welcome back - I've missed you!! Sounds like there have been changes with your routine but that's not always bad. You new place looks so beautiful and I always enjoy seeing shots from London. Great wiggly lines on your place mats - good idea to get sewing on the weekends and then take hand sewing for your commute or while you are in the hotel.

  7. Great to hear from you again!
    You've been missed!
    Love the photos of your new home and to see what you been up to.
    I thought that you had retired from work.
    Take care dear friend!

  8. Nice to see you posting again. I too have been on a little break away from blogging. :)
    Sounds like you have had quite a few changes over the past few months.
    I love the pictures of your new house & London. They are beautiful!

  9. So glad to see all your beautiful photos, Jennifer! What wonderful views! Don't work too hard and take it easy on that arm. Those are some cute place mats... And that bunting? Wow!!!! Your new home and sewing room are lovely!

  10. Think most of us are on a go-slow over the summer, this heatwave is too wonderful to be spent at a sewing machine!


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