Friday, 22 August 2014

Made a bag, got a bag :)

Like many quilters and bloggers, I am enjoying a very busy Summer and I'm not getting much sewing or blogging done ... but that's okay, hey? 

Last week I made a tote bag for Angie (a friend of the family) to say thank you for gifting us these fabby brass jugs for our new house:

I love making these tote bags. Angie said she liked rose pinks so I raided my stash / scraps and here are some of my 'along the way' photos:

And it doesn't matter how many times I get to this part, it always makes me smile because I think, 'no way this is going to work' ... but it does:

So that was the gift I made and this was the gift I got from my dear blogging friend Jennie over at Porch Swing Quilts - she makes amazing bags (you must check out her 'Weekender' bags) and she sent me the bestest little Sew Together Bag - look at those 3 delightful zipped pouches:

And see what she added on the front - a Glinda wand! She makes all these beautiful things AND has 5 little ones to look after - SuperWoman indeed! Thank you sooooooo very much, Jennie, I adore it! You're incredibly thoughtful and I'm sending you a big hug all the way to North West USA from here in the UK (North Wales) x

Linking up with Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts and Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer - I will :) 


  1. Lovely! Love the pinks and the sew together bag looks great with a Glinda wand. You did well there!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you like it! Your bag is darling, as always. You have a gift with pinks!

  3. You've put the pinks together so always! I love your sew together bag too, and the wand is such a great finishing touch !

  4. Oh, Waw!
    I like the gift you got!
    Fantastic with all those zipped pouches!
    And I like your gift to Angie!
    You really know how to put fabrics together!

  5. There's lots of bag love going on here! All beautiful bags.

  6. Wow, so envious of the sew together bag, I'd love to make one! Just made my first boxy pouch today and delivered it to a special 13 year old girl, only to realise afterwards I never took a photo! Your new home is looking great.

  7. Lovely pants bag, Jennifer! What a thoughtful thank you gift! And the sew together bag you received? How incredible to have embellished it with that wand! Very nice!

  8. Two lovely bags, your sew together bag is ideal to take on your weekly trip to London. Your new home looks full of character and will be a wonderful place to snuggle up in during the winter. Just catching up on blogging too, been away and had builders in so not much sewing or blogging lately!

  9. Both bags are great although being a sucker for pink I like the one you made with all the yummy pink fabrics. I know what you mean about not getting much done and it is winter here.
    Cheers Pauline


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