Friday, 12 April 2013

Finished Floral Star Quilt :)

Updated 26/04 linking up my April finish:

A Lovely Year of Finishes

I am a happy quilter tonight having just finished dear niece's partner's Grandma's 80th birthday quilt ... AND 2 weeks ahead of schedule (smugly smiling to self, sorreeeeee!)

I started this 67" x 67" LAPquilt two weeks ago today and it has been a dream to work on. Did my usual: bought some fabric, came up with an idea, cut and sewed and it all worked out lovely. Even better was the delightful green Robert Kaufman fabric that was £14.79 (ouch!) when I bought a metre for the front of the quilt but was in the sale at £6 a metre (about $9) when I went back for 4 metres of backing fabric ... yay the quilting munchkins were working for Glinda on that day :D

Here is the journey. Dear niece (I love her to bits - a hard working, dedicated nurse with more integrity than is good for her!) asked if I would make a quilt for her partner's Grandma who is having a big party for her 80th birthday in May. We 'Facetimed' in my loft (sewing room) so Hannah could choose the style and colour of fabrics she liked. So I went out and bought all this loveliness:

I Googled '4-colour block' and made the first block - liked it so I decided to mix up the green and white but kept the Tanya Whelan Delilah flowers in the middle of the blocks. Nine blocks later and I had this:

And then came the question - border or no border? The advice back from my faithful few was to add a border which I duly did.

When it came to quilting, I reverted to my favourite FMQ stippling (only 3 hours - that's why I love the stippling, ladies!) and, just for a change, added a little flower here and there:

Attached the binding on Wednesday night and Nell decided to park her furry bottom on it! See that look? It's so saying, 'if you want me to move ... make me!' Grrrr ... thankfully, no damage done:

After work tonight, my mission was to hand sew the rest of the binding. I knew I was tired when I fetched the quilt down from the loft, made myself comfy with the quilt on my lap and realised I hadn't trimmed it!! Doh!!!

And by 9pm tonight, it was all done. Here she is in all her glory:

And her name? Well, given that Grandma will have an afternoon nap under this darling quilt when she gets home from WORK, yes work! For this amazing lady, it has to be:

Do you think she'll love it?

Linking up to Amanda Jean's Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday and hoping everyone has a great weekend :)


  1. The red border looks lovely on your quilt. Great to have help too!

  2. She will love it! That label is priceless. Oh, and the little flowers are perfect with your stipple. Great job! Congrats on your very early finish.

  3. Fancy! I love the border. The quilting is lovely! I need more practice with that.

  4. You did great! Congrats on the finish

  5. Who wouldn't love it? That is some kind of gorgeous quilt right there!

  6. Love it! The border is perfect :-)

  7. What a lovely quilt. I think you did a beautiful job

  8. This quilt is really beautifuI, I love the colors!

  9. I love the way this turned out--I love the wonderful, gentle covers. [Oh, my. Working at 80!--I'd love to be able to do that, although I'm not sure I'd want to unless it were quilting!

  10. Wow, this turned out great. I'm sure grandma will love it. :)

  11. She is going to love that quilt. The fabrics you used are beautiful and the blocks you made with them are too. It is a stunning quilt. Well done!

  12. This is a stunning quilt. Love the pattern!!

  13. Being a fairly recent convert to quilting, you do incredible work. The red border really frames and highlights the blocks. Sweet label, too. Lovely job. And your photos and story are fun to read. I will enjoy following your quilt journey. xo


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