Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Two WIPs!!

Whilst DH is at Pétanque tonight, I will be making the binding for this little beauty:

Grandma's 80th birthday quilt is nearly finished!

And then, if I'm not completely desirous of the idea of doing some much-needed ironing, I shall do a little bit more work on a Pants Bag I'm making for Kathleen over at Crabbit Quilter - Kathleen kindly gifted me a bag of pink scraps which I said I'd only accept if she let me make her a Pants Bag. I asked her about colours and she asked for 'jewel' colours which she defined as:

Really anything goes, its the tertiary colours I am really drawn to - you know those inbetween colours: bluey greens, reddish purples, greeny golds, the ones that look all mixed up and rich. Like Topaz, and Cranberry garnet, that's what I think of as jewel colours.

So, I looked at my stash last night and googled 'bluey green' and got (amongst other images) this:

Then I searched for 'blue jewel' and got this:

So, some fabric choosing and a little drawing:

And some paper piecing later (and, I won't lie, some unpicking!): 

I got to this:

Very excited am I :)

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  1. Oh my goodness, LOVE the jewel you are making. It looks like an aquamarine! Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Grandma's quilt is lovely, and I can't wait to see the pants bag. Are you putting the jewel on it? That is really neat. I just have to ask - what is Pétanque?

  3. How creative! That jewel looks great.....and, what IS pétanque?

  4. Grandma's quilt is gorgeous. I love the border fabric. It sets the rest of the quilt off very nicely. I think she should love it!

  5. Look at you, such talent. I love the jewel, it's priceless. Wow, just draw it and sew it. Beautiful.

  6. Wow! That jewel is beautiful. Paper peicing is on my "list of learning".

  7. both so pretty! Nice work on both of them.


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