Friday, 26 April 2013

Giveaway / Birthday updates :)

Once upon a time, a birthday girl got up at 0530 for work. Having worked a full day, she met her DH in the pub near Earls Court and they had a drink:

The happy couple then skipped their way to a floating pub on the River Thames and had another drink whilst admiring the view. Look at that sky! Has Spring finally arrived?

Now, as 12 hours had passed since the birthday girl woke up, the sensible thing would have been to NOT have another alcoholic drink. So, they left the floating pub and made their way to a tasty Italian Restaurant just off the Strand ... but birthday girl was a THIRSTY girl:

Which is why birthday girl looked a little 'special' when she arrived at the theatre two hours later!!

What a most enjoyable night. Heather Headley and Lloyd Owen played their lead parts brilliantly. The cast were so talented and believable, the music was sublime, the story was cleverly adapted for the stage,  there was an excellent mixture of humour and drama and Ms Headley's vocals were outstanding - all the audience were singing and rocking on their feet to the encore ... in short, it was an INCREDIBLE show!!

Birthday girl was very sleepy on the train home and had no energy for sewing after a day at work (what a surprise!!) so no Friday Finish today :(

But, birthday 'miniature' cabinet is slowly getting filled with scraps:

And a surprise present from my little sister arrived through the post: 

And I have loved your guesses at the next project! To recap, from these fabrics:

I will start tomorrow to make a sporting themed quilt - a sport played between 2 opponents.  Do you need another clue?

These are the fat quarters you can win, as well as a gift of your choice. Sadly, as can be seen, our sunshine didn't stick around today:( 

Full Giveaway details on this post.


  1. A table football quilt :-)

  2. Happy belated birthday, btw! Been away so missed the posts. Hope you had a fab day out :D xxx

  3. Glad you had a pleasant day out and fun evening! What a great sister you have, sending you those hexies! Rain, rain, go away.... But don't send snow in your place - please.

  4. It looks like you had a fun birthday!

  5. Your evening out sounded so glam. Love your hexy gift. I'm stumped on the theme of the quilt. I'm going with shuffle board.

  6. Happy birthday. I'm going to guess a card trick quilt.

  7. One more try: I see lots of green which makes me think of grass and several colors which makes me think croquet, but that's more than two opponents?!? Another hint, please.


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