Monday, 8 April 2013

Oops ... a bit bigger than I planned :)

Dear niece's partner's Grandma's 80th birthday LAPquilt is nearly finished ... I hope Grandma has big 'laps' because this little quilt has grown to 67" x 67" ... oops! I went with a 3" border in the end in this cute red and white leaf:

So before I made the back, I rang dear niece (DN) ring ring, ring ring, ring ring:

Me: girly, you know you asked for a lapquilt for Grandma?
DN: yes
Me: it's a bit bigger than a lapquilt ...
DN: how big?
Me: well, you could get a few grandmas laps underneath it! Before I carry on, do you want me to make it smaller?
DN: no, honestly, it'll be fine. When she gets home from work, she likes to have a little nap on the settee, so she can pull it over her ...
Me: WORK? Girly, did you just say, 'when Grandma gets in from work'?
DN: yeah, she works a couple of afternoons at the Working Men's Club. So a bigger quilt will be perfect!
Me: if you're sure?
DN: yeah, she'll love it!

Amazing ... there's something we, the 'younger generation', could learn from. She still works at nearly 80 because she wants to. I'm just sorry I probably won't ever get to meet Grandma - she sounds like my kind of lady! 

So I've made a start on the quilting and I've returned to my favoured FMQ stippling with a random flower at some of the intersections. The first third took me about an hour:

Come back later in the week ... I'm going to finish it by Friday and you'll love it's name (well, I love it ... but then I would!)

Oh, and this is especially for Pat at Life in the Scrapatch who was a first time commenter on my blog last week and she finished by writing - Your little kitty, Nell, looks very sweet ... :) Sweet? Yes, when she's loving DH ... not so when she's scratching and biting the Glinda! We rescued her over 3 years ago and she still disrespects me so much :( 

This was 'madam' yesterday on our brand new and freshly laundered bed linen. As I took her photo, saying, 'naughty Nell on Mummy's new bedding' ... Look closely, I swear she's putting her tongue out at me! 


  1. My projects have a way of "growing" sometimes and a way of becoming more complicated. Apparently "small" and "easy" don't come naturally to me.

  2. Your "lap" quilt looks great, love the boarder fabric.

    Cheers Pauline

  3. My mom is 80 this year and very active. I hope I CAN work at 80

  4. Well, today Nell is not looking so sweet. I must have caught her picture on a "good" day before ;)

    Many years ago we "rescued" an older cat who was literally in her carrier on her way to be put down as her owner was moving and could not take her with them. The cat belonged to and was loved by a teenage friend of my teenage daughter. Her Mom actually called her daughter after school and asked her if she wanted to come while the cat was put to sleep. Needless to say there were a few tears shed, my daughter called and asked if we could take the cat. We did. Little did we know she had probably been abused by some man in her life. She was very afraid of my sweet, gentle cat-loving hubby. She was not too fond of me, either. And she downright despised our other two well-behaved, welcoming cats. However she did show sweet affection to my teenage children and any other young person who came into our home. They all thought she was friendly and cute. After several years, and the kiddos had mostly moved out, she eventually warmed up to the old folks who had fed her and cared for her. By then end, she lived to be 17-18 years old and was my constant quilty companion. The day before she died, she sat on my shoulder and purred and nuzzled my ear.

    May Nell someday show you some love ... :) Pat

  5. Oh, the stories I could tell about my cats..... one of the cats in particular. I think she has mellowed with age, but has been banished to live in the basement because she was so naughty! The quilt is lovely. And it sounds like the perfect size for snuggling under while watching television.

  6. My quilts usually end up larger than I plan. I know she will love it! The pattern is darling. =)

  7. I can't believe how quickly you FMQ! *sigh*. Practice, practice!


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