Friday, 24 May 2013

Loving the new bags!!

I blogged about making this linen bag at a wonderful workshop on Tuesday:

I won't lie ... parts of it were tricky to make and without the patience and expertise of our lovely tutor, Kate Higgens, there's no way I would have completed it from just a pattern. And I don't know about you ... I need to repeat things - soon - if I'm to learn to do them on my own.

So, after work today, I set about doing just that. I took lots of photos so that I can refer back to this post as a mini-tute in the future because I will be making loads of these gorgeousnesses!!

Step 1 - choose your fabric. No linen in my stash so this bag will be made from 100% cotton - I've chosen three different fabrics for the main bag area, the handles and the lining:

Step 2 - cut up the fabrics: this takes a bit of time but it's good to do it all at the beginning:

Step 3 - make the handles, parts of this are more fun than others!

Make the bag and add interfacing (Vilene or Pellon) and start putting it all together. Note to self - do not fix handles to the bag this way:

But, if you do, please notice it before you've finished the bag! That way, you don't have to do all that unpicking ... DOH :(

Attach handles (properly) this way:

Then do the lining:

Add a flower and a tie and - ta daaaaaaaah! Here it is - a birthday gift for dear niece:

Learnt a lot today ... it's good when that still happens, hey?

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  1. Gorggeous bag! It looks like you have a rival contender for your pants bags :) x

    1. Thanks Kathleen, replying here - did you know you were a no reply blogger? Probably means you've never seen my responses to all your lovely comments ... oh yes, this is a definite rival to the PBs!! :) x

  2. Clever you. I would not have thought to take photos of each stage. Love the blue bag

    Cheers Pauline

  3. You too, Pauline! I'm lucky to have an iPad which I use to write most of my posts and take photos with ... it's very quick. Thank you for the praise, much appreciated :)

  4. This bag is really pretty, too - love them both. Hoping to finish up a project or two over this long holiday weekend!

  5. Wow ... clever you I'd never remember it all ... such a lovely gift for your niece ... Sarah x

  6. Wow, that is such awonderful gift! We all want one too!!! ;-)
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    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  7. Lovin' the new bags, too. You can never have too many and they DO make wonderful gifts. I love your labels. Do you order them? Have a great weekend. Is it a long one in the UK? It's a 3 day weekend in the States.

  8. Very cute! It's well worth the effort for the cute bags and I love the flower accents. Great job.

  9. Such a cute bag. Lucky niece!

  10. That's a great pattern. You've done a great job and great selection of fabric as well.


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