Thursday, 2 May 2013

Welcome to Sweden ...

Doing a happy dance in Sigtuna, Sweden, having just booked into the fabby Stads Hotel for my dear pbf's wedding, which takes place tomorrow!

Complimentary Molten Brown toiletries ... thank you!

Complimentary lake view ... I thank you again!

My OWN quilt - no fighting with DH tonight ... Triple thank you!

Place to hang our Pants Bags ... Tha - ok, you know where I'm going:

And - the price list for the mini bar ... er definitely NO thank you - divide it by 10 and that's £9.50 + £3.50 for a gin and tonic and £2.50 for some peanuts:

The best things in life are free ... going for a walk by the lake now :)


  1. Read a great quote yesterday - Living on the earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun every year! Enjoy all the freebies you can get!

  2. Have looks like you will! We got lots of snow overnight.... yuck!

  3. Looks amazing! Enjoy looking for Saga Noren :) xx

    ps - if you never watched The Bridge, this is wasted on you ;)

  4. Looks wonderful! Enjoy your time away

  5. I'm living through you. Live it up! lol
    Have a great adventure and relax a little. I hope you have lots more pictures to share. I don't think I'll ever get to Sweden.

  6. Looks lovely! Enjoy your time in Sweeden.

  7. Sweden! Have a wonderful trip. I did a conversion for the money. Yikes. 24.00 in US dollars. I am with you on that one.


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