Monday, 27 May 2013

They say it comes in threes ...

... and that was true in our house last week. First, the tumble drier finally gave up the ghost (it was repaired in January but the guy wasn't optimistic!) Luckily, the shop delivered a new one on Saturday and it's drying our towels as I write.

Next, because of the major house upheaval (fingers crossed the builders will finish by Wednesday), I set the ironing board up in a different place with a different plug. I wasn't looking where I was going and tripped over the lead and the iron crashed to the floor and the front smashed open. I tried to fix it but no joy :( Oh well, I just plugged in my quilting iron (longer lead too!) and carried on :)

Yesterday, I plugged the iron in, had just finished ironing some binding, turned it off at the plug and there was a flash and a bang ... after resetting the fuses, I tried it again in a different plug but it smelled real bad! Goodbye quilting iron :(

So shopping today for two new irons! Beauty and the Beast describes them well, I think:

But life is surely about balance? And good things come in threes too? Here are the best three of the good things that happened in my life last week.

1) Lucky me got a day off work to attend a great bag workshop on Tuesday :)

2) Finished quilting my Snooker Table Quilt yesterday :)

3) Went to my dear friend's (Swedish Wedding) UK party last night and there was an ABBA Tribute band!! Had the best time in the company of some really lovely people. Also got to meet up with some friends I haven't seen for ages :)

No disastrous lows in the grand scheme of things but some wonderful highs ... 


  1. Sorry to hear about your iron mishaps, and your dryer, but how nice to have new ones! I just have one iron - It seems as though it needs to be replaced almost every year. Which one will you use for quilting?

  2. love the quilting on your snooker table - looks amazing! :D xx

  3. A pink iron and a great pool table quilt? All good in your world, I say!

  4. Ah man!! Glad you are looking on the bright side of things. Your snooker quilt looks amazing - great job there! And your bag is beautiful! And an ABBA tribute band while visiting friends - super exciting! Irons will come and go but good friends will always iron out the wrinkles from one's soul! Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  5. Oh, snooker quilt looks fab! Will look again when I get back to a proper computer. Here my pants bag is very useful on its first trip ;-)

  6. That's bad, that's good, that's bad, that's good, that's bad, oh that's really good. LOL That quilt is looking great. And TWO NEW irons, Rock my world. I love Abba. Good times!

  7. The ABBA tribute band must have been the icing on the cake! Glad to see that good things came in threes for you as well. And I LOVE your pink iron! If only I could find a yellow one . . . .


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