Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Was it something I said??!!

Rescue cats ... do you have one? Has yours got over their bad experiences? I think mine has abandonment issues ... still ... after nearly 4 years! Ok, Nell, so we went away two weekends on the bounce but you were looked after really well whilst we were away so just because Mummy decides to sew tonight doesn't mean you should be rude:

The complete opposite of her bad behaviour on the swingometer has to be acknowledgement. Look at the pretty presents I received in the post today with a lovely thank you card from Fran @ Patchy Rose who won my Giveaway:

Too nice, Fran ... and naughty but thank you :) And speaking of gratitude, I forgot to share this little Pants Bag with you which I made just after my birthday for DH's colleague, Mandy. She kindly covered his duty on my birthday afternoon so that he wouldn't be late off work ... it was the least I could do:

And a wonderful acknowledgement was the response I received today from the legendary World Class Snooker Champion - Mr Steve Davis OBE

You will know from this post that I am making a 'Snooker Table' Quilt for my colleague Jackie who is retiring next month after 42 years service. When I thought about getting colleagues to write goodbye message patches to sew into the back of the quilt, I wondered if I asked Steve Davis what would his response be? He his Jackie's hero. Like BIG time :)

One of my most adhered to mottos in life is, 'If you don't ask, you won't get.' Not that I encourage avarice (because I don't) but if the occasion fits, and I felt this did, then I think you should go for it. I contacted Mr Davis' Management Company and explained the reason for my request and asked if there was any chance he could sign a patch for me. 

Look at this - and a signed photo too:

I'm beyond thilled! And I think Jackie will have kittens! Thank goodness, it'll take some attention away from my wonky balls!!

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  1. Cats are funny creatures, aren't they? We've had several over the years (although none right now) and they each were unique. I've not heard of Steve Davis, but I like him for his thoughtful response!

  2. So glad the parcel arrived and you like it :-) Fantastic story with the snooker, how wonderful! Typical cat, we always get the same response, they can't bear to see a suitcase appear...

  3. I enjoy your posts so much. I really do lol. You are so right. You must go for it in all you do. The worst thing that can happen is someone will tell you no. How wonderful to get an autograph for Jackie. And shush about those balls. Your balls are great...

  4. Nell makes me laugh. I used to have a moggy who would do exactly the same thing when she was in a snoot with me. Isn't it funny that being grumpy is universal for all animals! Well done on the autograph too :-)

  5. How fab of Mr Davis to send you his signature for your quilt, am sure your balls aren't that wonky ;) x

  6. Nell is too sweet, they let you know how they feel and you get the message lol.

    Cheers Pauline

  7. How wonderful that Steve Davis signed a patch! That will really make the quilt over the top. I don't think your balls look wonky at all.


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