Monday, 10 June 2013

Did we buy the house?!?

I know my little band of faithful followers are dying to know how the house viewing went on Saturday? You're not?! Well, I'm just going to bore you with all the details anyway :)

Remember the outside:

Well, it was as lovely inside ... not perfect (it's been a holiday home for 9 years and, honestly, you could tell) but it had lots of character and it was still very tempting! Look at the quarry tiles and that Belfast sink on bricks in the downstairs loo:

And the imposing wooden staircase:

And a great sized utility room (never had one, always wanted one):

There were glorious old wooden latch doors, parquet flooring and floorboards everywhere. More than enough space to live and quilt in. So, lots of positives ... but ... it wasn't for us. There was an issue of shared access to half of the drive (leading to a range of local authority outbuildings behind the house used for forestry purposes), there were two large ponds adjacent to the property (actually one looked a bit 'swampy') which would be mosquito paradise and I am mosquito fodder at the best of times and there were a lot of different sized steps all around the house and gardens which wouldn't be visitor friendly enough for us.

I'm sure it will be a wonderful home for someone ... just not for us, sadly :(

On the bright side, we had a wonderful weekend with family in Chester and my dear Aunty G joined us for the house viewing and afterwards for a most delicious lunch at the fabby Pant-yr-Ochain country pub (we were in Wales, remember!) and it was as pretty as its picture:

Back home and we're still in major house upheaval but hoping to get the loft / sewing room painted this weekend. Might have to ask one of DH's friends to help us out ... so not a lot of sewing to share. 

I did make a linen Pants Bag after work tonight. This one is for Lucy who is leaving work to go travelling and I thought this might be a fun gift for her to pack her pants in on her travels:

Remaining optimistic ... I know the right house is out there :)

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  1. Yes, absolutely the right house is out there!

  2. Shame about the house, hopefully there's one even more suitable for sewing retreats out there...

  3. Always fab to look around a house though, even if it wasnt for you. It's out there, dont worry! And it sounds like a fab weekend anyway :)

  4. Oh my gosh! I would have been begging my hubby to buy it -- Mosquitos and all! Love a house with character

  5. I'm sorry the house didn't work out, but I'm sure there is one that is a better fit for you. Love the pants bag..... so cute!

  6. Glad you had a fun time looking and had a chance to visit with your aunt. Nice little bag, too!

  7. I'm so glad that you "reported back". Sorry this one didn't work out, but then you would have missed out on all the fun of looking at different properties. Looking is fun because you can imagine owning any of the places without the committment. Hmmm....sounds kind of adolescent, doesn't it?

  8. Nice to know how you got on and sorry it's not the one. But when you find it you will know. Happy hunting .. Sarah x

  9. Sorry about the no go on the house.but as Nina mentions above,hunting is the fun part!

  10. It is such a gorgeous house with tons of character. It's too bad it wasn't for you, but at least you KNEW that early on. (Some people buy houses with their eyes half closed, then are shocked after they move in.) I can't tell for sure but it seems like this might be the first house you've looked at. There will be others and one of them will be perfect. Thanks for sharing the photos of the house. I always love looking at old house photos.

  11. Keep looking! You WILL find your new home!
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  12. Sounds like a lovely weekend even though the house wasn't quite right. Be patient and the right one will come along.
    What color are you painting? I can't wait to see it.

  13. Love that sink! My aunt has one in her Devon longhouse :-)

  14. This is very noce. Buying a house is always a difficult and time taking task. I like your blogs about houses. Thanks First home buyer


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