Saturday, 29 June 2013

On holiday ... no Wifi :(

We have arrived in the Isle of Man for a week's holiday with our Mums. We are staying in a beautiful cottage - The Milking Parlour:

and there was a plate of delicious cakes to greet us:

We are already relaxing on the patio with a G&T! There's no Wifi but am able to write this on my iPhone:) So that I don't go too much into withdrawal, I have brought some hand sewing with me - I don't do hand sewing so this will be interesting! My little sis bought me these for my birthday:

This week saw the finish of my loft / sewing room:

And my Strip Bee strip:

There are a couple of fabric / quilting shops on the island so they'll definitely get a visit this week!

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  1. Have a lovely holiday :-)

  2. What dedication to blog from your phone! Enjoy your time away....the sewing and that fabulous new room will be there waiting for you when you get home.

  3. Have. Wonderful holiday. Don't buy too much fabric.

  4. How lovely! Have a great week, and make the most of the quilt shops ;-)

  5. I am so impressed that you can blog on a phone. "Show Off.." I am just not very techy. Have a great holiday, dear.

  6. Enjoy your little holiday! Hope the weather will he nice for you and I look forward to seeing your hexies!! No pressure!! :)

  7. Have a great holiday! Glad to know there is more to the Isle of Man than just a motorcycle race! Can't wait to hear what you think of the hexies - been meaning to try them, but then I kinda like machine piecing bigger ones.

  8. I am green with envy with that sewing room!


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