Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Christmas stuff and other WIPs :)

I'm loving my quilting the last few weeks. Unusually for me, I have a few things on the go but some are nearly finished so I'm not getting too stressy about it. My biggest problem? I keep adding to my list! Take tonight after dinner, I've started on a new lap quilt for one colleague and a large mug rug for another and they weren't even ideas in my head, never mind written down on a list until 6pm!

Mandy, my loyal deputy, is going to be off work for a few weeks having had an operation on her foot. It's only been 3 days and I miss her already :(  She is so active, hates daytime TV and will be going stir crazy before the first week's convalescing is up! I'm going to visit her during the next week or two so thought I'd make her a little lap quilt out of fabric in my stash - she'll appreciate that :) 

I made her a tote bag last year and she loved the fabric I used - a Moda Lumiere de Noël charm pack and I had another one on the shelf so thought of a pattern that would use all 42 squares and 2 x 1/2 yards of contrasting light and dark fabrics:

I laid out all the squares first so I knew I'd like the layout: 

Then I just put an alternate light and dark 2 1/2" x 5" strip to be sewn on the right hand side and a contrasting 2 1/2" x 7" strip to be sewn on the bottom. So easy! Two rows done, five to go ... at this rate, it'll be finished by the weekend! 

As long as I don't get distracted ... again. I was going to call it a night, remembered I'd promised Pam at work a mug rug and made a start on it. Pam LOVES Christmas - seriously loves it ... all the tinsel and lights :) She even leaves (some) decorations up all year around (bless her!) so what better than a Christmas tree on penguin fabric!?

Still got to appliqué it, baste, quilt and bind it but think this will be another quickie. And I've nearly finished my first advent calendar, just got to bury some knots and hand sew the binding:

Imagine what I'd get done if every day was the weekend ... SIGH ... looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to over at Lee's link up


  1. This is going to be a beautiful quilt, I love that charm pack. I'm just the same as you - once I get an idea I have to start it straight away!

  2. Good job I'm already lying down (on the sofa), I feel quite exhausted after reading that to do list ;-)

  3. Oh, my to do list has new kitchen curtains on top, but since it´s a loooooong time to Christnas it has to wait;-)
    Love the mug rug to your friend!

  4. You're certainly on a roll! Your quilt is going to be beautiful and your mug rug and advent calender look great :)

  5. What a pretty filled post! That Lumiere de Noël charm quilt is looking sew fine. And that Christmas tree mug rug - Sweet! And the piece de resistance??? Loving that sneak peek! You are way ahead of schedule, as there are still 62 days left to go! PS> Thank you and please drop by at!

  6. The quilt for your friend will be beautiful. I love the fabric and colors. You continue to amaze me with your quilting speed!

  7. Found my way here via Lorna, thanks Lorna!!! Glad to find some one on home territory (I was brought up in London but now live in deepest darkest Cornwall - and am never coming out!). Love your lap quilt, such warm colours, look forward to seeing it progress :)


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