Wednesday, 2 October 2013

WIP Charity Quilt ...

I have only made a little progress on my Macmillan Cancer Support charity quilt (started here) - I did an hour last night and hoped to have finished the top tonight but after a 14 hour day at work, my weary legs can't make it up the loft ladder! 

I was going to go with a more fancy border but thought there was enough going on in the quilt without adding lots more seams ... well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! Here's where I'm up to:

Linking up with Lee's WIP Wednesday, hosted  this week by the 'Paper Piece Princess' herself  Kristy @ Quiet Play - she really does the most amazing work - very inspiring. 

DH said he'd hang my notice board back up in the loft at the weekend because I'm losing track of all my promised projects. So far, I know these are on my things to do list:

1) At least 3 new cushions for SIL's conservatory
2) Pants Bag for the daughter of a friend
3) Strip Bee strip (round 3) to add to Maria's quilt 
4) Two baby quilts
5) Table mats and runner and 1 or 2 bedroom cushions for dear niece

If only I could sew all. day. long ... ah well, one day *sigh* :)


  1. The quilt is beautiful, and the border sets the blocks off nicely! Well done you :)

  2. Lovely design! I think you get a lot done. But it seems like our "list" grows while we sleep, doesn't it?

  3. Very cute! Love the butterflies. Hope you have a shorter day at work...

  4. Those pieced butterflies are so brilliant. The colors are beautiful.
    Don't you hate those days when all we can get done is eat, sleep, and work. I have 3 long days a week, but it makes me really appreciate the other 4 days. :-)

  5. I'm on my tablet and it is possessed I guess. If you want to delete a couple of my comments it would be OK. I really only hit the publish button once.....arg

  6. Your quilt looks gorgeous! That's a long WIP list to get through, looking forward to seeing progress!,

  7. What a restful looking quilt with those lovely butterflies. I hear ya about getting into a project after a long day of work. Some days retirement can't come soon enough! Have a great weekend, Jen.

  8. Very pretty Jen. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt it. The border is perfect with the quilt, you're right sometimes you need to keep it simple :)


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