Sunday, 13 October 2013

You made me 'do a Gwyneth' !!

Yes, you lovely followers you, when I woke up yesterday morning and immediately grabbed my iPad (as you do!) and read all your wonderful comments on Friday's post about my quilting and blogging, I must confess I ... large GULP ... got a little teary :'-)

It woke DH up so I read him some of your comments and then, being the drama queen I am, I did a bit of this:

With my own, "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for xxx and I also want to thank xxx so much for their help and support"... it made us both laugh ... you probably had to be there but take my word for it ... it was funny! Thank you x

And so, drum roll, please ... who is the lucky winner of the Christmas FQs: 


Congratulations dear Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts who left me this sweeeeeeet comment:

Oh, Jennifer you are a fabby quilting blogger and we love you! Congratulations on your 200th post! That is exciting! Love your house blocks pants bag. Regarding the quilting across and bumping up..... I wish I had an answer for that one. But I am getting pretty good at burying knots!

Thank you for the opportunity to win those festive fat quarters! I have been on a Christmas project kick and would sew love to use those on a table runner or stocking. Did you know there are only 74 days left until Christmas?

Isn't she a darling? 

And, as promised, I have spent a lot of time sewing over the weekend! After a quick trip into Rochester to buy some batting and a little bit of fabric, I made a start on a baby boy quilt for my friend Laura at work, who has given birth to Matthew - pleased to say Mummy and baby both doing well. Inspired by the new fat quarter I bought, (bottom left), I pulled all the other fabric from my stash: 

It wouldn't be me if I chose something easy peasy! Also, why keep it simple and follow the pattern exactly when you can shake it up, add inches and have to work it all out because you want one bigger teddy bear rather than four small ones?!

It's actually been lovely to work on and here's a WIP photo: 

And, just because I could, I made a start on this Makower Advent Calendar (bought the panels weeks ago): 

I've had the best weekend, hope you enjoyed yours too :) 


  1. Yippee! Thank you sew much Jennifer! I am sew excited to have won your generous gift of the Christmas fat quarters. Now about that extra large teddy bear.... Adorable! Congratulations to Matthew and his mommy! You are such a sweet friend!

  2. That bear is so precious. I like that you made it one big bear. Great idea. Mommy and baby will love it. You seem to have started a lot this weekend. I can't wait to see your finishes.
    Congratulations to Lorna. I bet she will create something adorable for Christmas.
    It's so wonderful how we share emotions through blogging about our quilting. Going all Gwyneth made me laugh. Love your humor!

  3. How did you know that I grab my iPad before my feet even touch the floor to check on my blogger friends?? What great projects you're working on.....the bear is especially adorable.

  4. I LOVE that advent! And no, it wouldn't be you to follow the pattern exactly. Can't wait to see that finished baby quilt.


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