Saturday, 19 October 2013

I cried ... and I cried ... and then I cried some more!!

It's been quite a tough week at work so after dinner last night, I was going to do some quilting on my butterfly quilt but instead we decided to watch a film. A comedy would have been a good choice or even a thrilling action movie ... but we watched Les Misérables and the tears came! Boy, did they :'(

I cried when Fantine's hair was shorn. Then, again when she died. Pulled myself together (just!) until Jean Valjean sung 'Bring him Home' and sobbed my heart out when he died at the end ... what an amazing film! Bless him, DH was a bit worried about me ... said he couldn't remember the last time he'd seen me cry at a film like that! 

If you've never seen it, there's lots of clips on You Tube to whet your appetite - I particularly love Colm Wilkinson's version of Bring him Home and, of course, the brilliant Susan Boyle brought the epic song I Dreamed a Dream to the masses when she auditioned with it on Britain's Got Talent in 2009.

So, from crying like to a baby, to my one finish this week which was this little baby quilt for Laura at work:

I posted about it earlier in the week and have since been asked to make another one for a friend and, as this really was such a dream to make, how could I refuse? And a bonus for me - this one's for a baby girl so I get to use my pinks! Here's my choices of fabric (so far!) and some fleeced fabric for the backing ... I just might get cracking on this over the weekend: 

Or I might finish quilting my charity quiltI have done all the straight line quilting but think it needs something more - perhaps some FMQing in the butterflies? There's not a lot of space to move around in so my usual stippling is not going to work. Have been over to see what free motion quilting designs the fabby Leah Day has to share and I think I'm going to try making her pebbles. She really has the best site - everything's clearly signposted, categorised by ability, and there are videos for each design ... yes, pebbles - how difficult can it be?!

And no more sad films for me this weekend! 

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  1. It is good when you have tears to spill on a movie! I love your bear quilt.Thanks for sharing.
    Why not quilting in butterfly in your butterfly blocks? It is less dense.

  2. Your butterflies are very sweet. I tried pebbles recently and need a lot more practice before I ever get going on a big quilt!

  3. Ah!, It does you good to cry at a film. I saw it at the cinema, and didn't dare cry too much. I think pebbles would be a great quilting design on this. I keep looking at them, and meaning to have a go. I'll be interested to see how to get on.

  4. i always feel better the next day after a good cry. I have been wanting to watch that film. My hubby saw it on stage and said it was wonderful.
    Now go sew some pebbles. I agree, Leah Day is the best and I have learned so much from her. I've even taken a class from her on She gives her talents so freely, how can we not love her.

  5. I've never seen Les Mis for that reason - looks to sad for me! Loving the teddy bear quilt that's so cute. Yay for making a pink one!

  6. Oh, I saw Les Misérables in springtime and I cried too!!!
    My doughter told me that I had to see it and Oh, I liked it!
    It´s good to let some tears out sometimes!
    This was a good time!
    I liked your teddybear quilt too!
    Great work!

  7. I love the book, "Les misérables" - I should watch the film!

  8. Sometimes you just gotta let it out. Glad you really enjoyed the film.
    Can't wait to see the baby girl bear quilt. Those fabrics you pulled are sweet!

  9. Isn't it an amazing film? I talked to an elderly gentleman at church, and told him how amazed I'd been by the scene where the prisoners pull the ship in, it really haunted me...and the gentleman rather spoilt it for me by saying it wasn't a very factually correct scene! Oh well...there was me thinking I'd learnt something!

  10. I love the story of Les Miserables. I'm so impressed that your husband watched it with you! Mine wouldn't come near it, scared off by the fact that it was a musical. I pointed out that there was a lot of "man stuff" in it too, but he couldn't get past the singing part. I ended up watching it with my cousin when she was visiting! Bravo for your hubby!!

  11. That was one fantastic movie! I am usually a skeptic of theatrical productions made into movies but Les Mis was amazing. And what can be wrong with a movie that stars Hugh Jackman? Cute little teddy bear!

  12. That's my favorite version of Bring Him Home too! I remember seeing the 10th Anniversary special on PBS. Michael Ball will always be my favorite Marius (he kills me with Empty Chairs at Empty Tables). Les Mis has been a favorite for years, but I just couldn't see the film. Maybe it was Anne Hathaway? Or Russell Crowe? I don't know. Hugh Jackman is a draw, for sure. I just wish they would have cast singers, you know? Still, I should see it.

    But as for quilts, yay for pinks! Can't wait to see the new version of this quilt!

  13. That bear is super cute! That movie was indeed a great one! I let some tears too...
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    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  14. Have never seen Les Mis. It is on the list so will have to make it happen one of these days.


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