Sunday, 29 September 2013

New house presents :)

A flying visit to family in Chester this weekend and dinner with dear niece and her fiancé in their new (and first mortgaged!) house on Friday. They only moved in just over a week ago but it already looks and feels like a warm and welcoming home and whilst they already have quite a few 'Glinda Quilty Gifts', you can never have enough, can you Hannah?!!

Chester has a couple of fabric shops but this was my first visit to Liberty Bell and it was delightful. They were running a workshop at the back of the shop, I could hear all the chatting and laughter ... I so wanted to join in! We spent ages looking through all the deliciousness and finally Hannah picked out some fabrics for a table runner and placemats:

And for some cushions for their bedroom:

And a few fat quarters for me to add to my stash. I treated myself to a baby quilts book too:

Lovely lovely new fabric - now all I need is to find some more time in the day to make everything :)

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  1. How fun! She must be going for a soft, romantic shabby chic look? Very pretty!

  2. Hannah is a lucky girl to have a quiting auntie. She did a very nice job of fabric selection and I can't wait to see the magical items Glinda creates. What a nice weekend...

  3. Could you tell me what that purple fabric is? It really is magnificent.

  4. That purple really is quite stunning. Glad you had a good weekend :0

  5. Chester is about 40 mins away from me and I visit Liberty Bell a few times a year (I can't afford to go more frequently)

  6. What fun, pretty fabrics you found. Can't wait to see what you make of them. And I'm so jealous of such a fabulous fabric shop.

  7. Looks like you had a great time Jen, good to see :) Lovely fabrics..... it's so much nicer when you can actually see them in real life isn't it?


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