Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Strip Bee ... Round 3 ... Ding-a-ling :)

Exciting times! Round 3 of our Strip Bees Quilting Bee is upon us (please see this post for its origins). In short, we all make a strip - 40.5" long in any style, width, number of blocks and colour of our choosing, then forward it to the next quilter, who adds their strip, passes it on until it returns home with all 6 strips completed.

I have now received Maria's strip with Fran's added to it. We're only allowed to show sneak previews along the way so I can't show you what delightful objects Fran has added but here's Maria's 'crazy houses' - aren't they fabby? I love them:

So, what am I going to add to it? Hmmmmmm ... I'm getting some inspiration from these Google images:

Seriously??? I don't know! I really don't but I might use some of my new fabric:

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Happy days :)


  1. Hi Glinda
    I just love those cute houses!
    I'm in a challenge with som of my friends.
    We will sew houses, it will be showen in my blogg the last day of October.
    I haven't started yet, so thanks for the inspiration:-)

  2. Lovely strip with those colorful houses!
    Wonder how your strip will be.

    Love from Amsterdaam

  3. What a challenge. I know you will make something spectacular, you always come up with beauty. I don't know if I could work on someone else's quilt. I can't wait to see them all.

  4. Oh my goodness I am feeling nervous about receiving this beautiful quilt top already! I am thinking I am going to have to get super creative to not let the side down!! Good luck with your strip! I love this bee, it's really challenged me to try new things. And it's so lovely that we will all have such a special quilt top at the end of it :-))

  5. Seriously? birds and butterflies? That would be so amazing!

  6. Glinda ......those houses are fabulous. Sounds like a great bee. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Quilt Story. Marie (mlismore@optusnet.com.au)

  7. Glad you like my crazy houses. You don't need to do something complicated so don't worry. Those fabrics look lovely although I wouldn't want to steal them from you.....

  8. Ooh, I can't wait to get this quilt !! Those houses are so much fun. I'm sure you'll add something wonderful :)

  9. Loving the inspiration pics...such great colours. It will be mine next so as always very excited to see what the postman brings :)

  10. Hi there. I've just found your blog, became a "FOLLOWER" and will visit often I hope. Love your projects.
    Take care.


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