Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Not a lot of sewing ...

... in Glinda's Oz this week but plenty of laughter! Mutter is visiting until Friday and I'm in work all day so I can't really neglect her by spending all my evenings sewing in the loft! She had a lovely trip to Germany and the 7 Pants Bags were very gratefully received by our relatives. I wish I could have travelled with her - maybe next time.  Did I tell you she was from Hameln? What can I say - she just can't help herself:

Two hours in the hot tub after work with a couple of G&Ts wiped me out tonight ... no surprise there! I have retrieved my crocheting from the Isle of Man trip and have just about enough energy to add a few more rounds tonight: 

Crocheting is such a relaxing and sociable craft; I am so thankful Mutter taught me - and it is making for a very enjoyable evening - I am sat here crocheting, whilst Mutter knits and DH reads - there really is no place like home :)


  1. What a wonderful evening. That your mother taught you crocheting is so beautiful. Enjoy your visit.

  2. Sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening.
    Love the colours of your crochet blanket :-)

  3. Hot tub? Oohhh lovely! Your crochet looks fab too :-)

  4. Sounds like the perfect evening to me!!

  5. I need to take up crochet again. I could use some quiet evenings doing that. I'd forgotten! Hope your visit continues to go well.


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