Sunday, 8 September 2013

Flowers, fabric and friends ...

Today is our 12th wedding anniversary and I got these:

Believe me when I tell you they smell as delicious as they look :) 

Yesterday, we had a wonderful day in Rochester and I found all this loveliness:

DH was very happy - he got these in the book shop:

And today we celebrated the day with our dearest friends and their gorgeous and funny three daughters. It's been a superfabbylightful weekend ... I am very thankful :)


  1. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend. Love the fabric!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you enjoyed Rochester.... you have some gorgeous fabrics there. I especially like the apples!

  3. That sounds like the perfect day! Congratulations :-)

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    Nice fabrics!
    You are going to do something fantastic with them, I think!!!

  5. Beautiful flowers. What a nice hubby you have. I love the runner they are sitting on.
    Happy Anniversary!
    My, oh my, what a lovely stash building weekend you have had.

  6. Such pretty flowers, good to see hubby knows all about pink ;-) Glad you had a great weekend.

  7. Those are such gorgeous flowers! Happy Anniversary! Nice to hear about your wonderful weekend!

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    Lovely flowers. Do you think he purposely bought them to co-ordinate with the table runner? Extra Brownie points if he did!! I especially lovely your polka dot fabric.

  9. Congratulations on your Anniversary. Wishing you many more happy years together. Wonderful finds in the shops in Rochester!

  10. Happy belated anniversary greetings! Sounds like you had a lovely day and what beautiful flowers! mmmm . . . wonder why they are 'pink'. Nice picks on the fabric too.


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