Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A new WIP for my 'maman spirituelle'

I have started a new lap quilt! This one I am making for one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. We shared a hospital room in France for 5 days in 2011 after I broke my ankle skiing ... ouch:

My 'roomie' was Lydia; a very elegant, petite, loving, spiritual lady who had slipped on an icy pavement and had broken her femur. She didn't speak any English and I only knew a little conversational French from school but during those 5 days, we became friends. We laughed, we cried, we told stories we prayed, we sang ... she made those 5 days a truly memorable experience. 

She had no children (like me) and told me that she felt I was the daughter she never had (gulp!) and called herself my 'maman spirituelle' which means spiritual mother. Since then, we have written lots - Lydia is much better than I at keeping in touch and I owe her a letter or two. So, I decided I'm going to send her a special gift with the next letter.

I chose this fabric from my stash as I thought the colours were 'elegant' enough for Lydia but I couldn't think of a pattern:

By chance on Saturday morning, I opened an email from Craftsy (offering up to 80% off my first course) and went to their website. Having looked around the different classes (you can have a sneak preview at both the tutors and their classes, which is really good), I liked the style and energy of Nancy Smith and joined her class:

Over the last few days, listening to Nancy on my iPad whilst sewing, it was almost like having a friend in the room. I must try and get an actual group of quilters together one day *sigh * for some quilting - anyway, here was my first block:

Happy with that, I cut all my strips (just about had enough by cutting 2" strips and using the smaller fat quarters of fabric first) then I kept checking against the first block to make sure I sewed in order:

I wasn't sure whether to add another row of the green so waited until I had finished all 4 blocks: 

And I'm still not sure! I can add the 2" strips now or add a wider border ... hmmmm, I'll decide on Saturday. Linking up


  1. Your blocks are lovely. As usual :)
    Dont know about the green either - could you se it as sashing, rather than another border round the block? Whats the binding going to be?
    Keep us posted xxx

  2. Ok. That is the best cast I have ever seen! I am sure she will love your gift

  3. Why of course your cast was pink! What a wonderful story, and a great reason to make another quilt. You are such a great giver of quilts. I need to do this more. Can't wait to see it all together - what an eye for color you have!

  4. These blocks are so lovely! I'm sure your maman spirituelle will love it! Will you sash them with the green? Or use it for a border? Whatever you decide, it will be pretty.

  5. Lovely quilt top! Sure she will be delighted.

  6. Aah, such beautiful colours!! and I love it just the way it is,. I would reserve the green for the sashing.

  7. What a beautiful quilt it will be. I love Craftsy classes. Did you know you could sell patterns there. I think you should mark up the snooker pattern and have a go at it....

  8. Handmade gifts are the best. She would love it

  9. I love your pink cast:-) What a nice story! I'm sure she'll be delighted with your present.

  10. What a lovely positive thing to come out of your accident. Your blocks are beautiful, such pretty colours. I'm sure Lydia will be so pleased to receive the quilt.


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