Saturday, 16 November 2013

Gifts for dear niece for her new home :)

We live in London and our family live in Chester (a 4 hours drive) and North Wales (a 6 hours drive) so when I have gifts for family that need finishing, and I run out of time in the week, I know I have a good few hours on the car journey to get them done! (Thanks DH for driving!) Which was just as well as we were driving to Chester today and I still hadn't finished the binding on the table runner and 4 table mats I was making for dear niece.

Forgive the leg shot but I was trying to find a comfortable position! I'm sure every bump in the road made me miss a stitch:

I had finished her cushions at home during the week:

We were expected for pre-dinner drinks at 6pm and I was still stitching at 5.50pm! But I did it and 'girly' (dear niece) was over the moon! She had chosen the fabric herself the last time we were home but was still so very surprised and pleased when I took her gifts out of the bag and instructed her to 'close her eyes and open her hands'. She 'whooped' and did a happy dance :) Doesn't that make it all the more worthwhile?

Here are the cushions in situ in her bedroom:

One of the table mats - front and back:

The back of the runner and mats:

And the table runner and mats in their full glory:

Have said it before and will say it again; you can buy stuff in the shops that is cheaper and (perhaps?) better made but there really is no substitute for hand-made, unique, time-donated, lovingly-made gifts ... and her face was a picture (though she wouldn't let me take it!) Worth every minute that went into making these special things for her :)

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  1. I love to sew in the car too. Makes the time go so fast.
    Your gifts are beautiful and you are right, hand made items are so much better than store bought. Your craftsmanship is way better than anything you can buy. I know.
    Have a great time with your family.

  2. My goodness the motorway looks quiet for once!! I can't sew in the car, which is such a pity, but no wonder you wanted to get them finished. They are all truly wonderful and the runner looks stunning on her table - a brilliant design choice on your part :-)

  3. They turned out lovely, and it sounds like she was pleased with them. I don't sew in the car - I'm afraid I would lose the needle and wouldn't be able to find it.

  4. I don't have a chauffeur so any sewing I do has to be completed before I leave but I still leave my finishing up until the last minute at times too! Love, love, love those cushions!! I like that your table runner and place mats could be reversed. Do quite like the bee / wasp print your used - so cute! I do agree that any payment in hugs, squeals and / or smiles makes it all worth while.

  5. When you get a reaction like your niece's it makes it all worth it. They turned out beautiful.

  6. What a great set to receive as a gift! I can totally understand why she was so delighted :-)

  7. Well that is the best way to pass the time sitting on the M4! (done it many a time, on the way to relatives in South Wales!) What wonderful makes, no wonder she was thrilled with them. The fabrics match her bedroom perfectly. Good work!! :-))


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