Wednesday, 20 November 2013

WIP - quilt for a soldier ...

After a lovely long weekend with family 'up North', I was itching to get started on a new quilt. Monday night saw me cutting this fabric:

Representing the colours from Help for Heroes:

For this pattern:

And tonight I've managed to sew together the first three rows:

Only nine to go! I'm making this for a soldier / member of the armed forces. I'm hoping to do this via Quilts of Valor. Reading some of the stories on their website is really moving ... thank goodness there are such brave men and women in the world, prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf - makes me feel very humbled.

I emailed the UK branch a couple of weeks ago and got an 'unknown email' message response so have emailed the USA branch and await their reply. In the meantime, I'll just carry on quilting :)

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  1. Oh wow it looks fantastic! Isn't it wonderful seeing your design come to life. It's perfect. I hope you get through to someone soon and like you say, in the meantime, carry on quilting!

  2. Lovely design- your colors really sing!

  3. What a wonderful thing to do and your design is great. It's so much fun to make a design and see it come together so well. Thanks for showing this one come to life.

  4. Yep, you carry on quilting girl! It looks fab, great design :-)

  5. It's looking fabulous. Well done to you for your design.

  6. Great idea. This will be a beautiful quilt!

  7. What a great design! Looks like it's an original, yes? Very could publish that one!

  8. Oh Jen, I really like this quilt that you have started and for such a worthy cause. I love this design so much, I may want to use try it if you would be open to that. I can figure it out by your picture. I too am grateful for the sacrifices that have been made and are still being made for my freedom. Not to be taken lightly.


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