Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas Cushion, etc so no Scrappy Sunday!

This is two Sundays now I haven't made any scrappy blocks but in my defence (not that I'm putting myself on trial!), I have been making lots of other things. 

First up two more mini Pants Bags (my tutorial is here) - one for our cleaner at work ... she's such a nice lady and always admires the quilty things I make. She's not expecting this so I'm hoping it will be a lovely surprise for her:

Not sure yet who this one's for yet but it's good to have an emergency in waiting! 

My friend Shauna @ lovinquiltin made one of her own from my tutorial - and it's gorgeous ... why not pop over and take a look? It was a lovely post to read - thank you Shauna :)

DH's colleague makes delicious chutneys and jams and we've benefitted from one or two jars this year so I offered to make her a Pants Bag and she told me her favourite colour was green:

And finally, a Christmas cushion (pillow) for dear SIL who has a reading room with elephant curtains so when I came across this fabric in my stash:

I knew I had to make her a cushion out of it ... isn't it fabby? I didn't want to cut it up though ... some fabrics tell their own story which, I think, gets lost if it's cut in to so I decided to go for a simple 18" x 18" bound cushion. I had some 'old' Christmas fabric in my stash for the binding that matched perfectly:

Always fun making the cushion this way because you just look at it and go ... really?!

But you get there in the end :)

(PS Still haven't wrapped my Christmas gifts!)


  1. That cushion fabric is gorgeous! Where do you find such lovely prints ? And don't worry about your presents - I usually do mine on Christmas Eve !!

  2. Wrap presents?? Aren't you sticking them all in Pants Bags? ;-)

  3. I love Fran's idea. Pants bags would make perfect wrappings. I am sitting here looking at a half set up tree. Presents? I am almost finished with one. lol. Just so the tree is lit up by Christmas.

    You have a lot of finishes. Beautiful work and I love the Christmas Cushion.

  4. I love those pants bags. And wow your cushion is fabulous! You've had a very productive week :-)

  5. That fabric is fabby! And I am shocked, SHOCKED, that you haven't wrapped your Christmas gifts. Shocked. Okay, not really. Because I haven't either. Not a one.

  6. Great stuff - especially love the cushion! I did get all my shopping done, and the presents are wrapped. Now for all the other stuff I need to get done.......

  7. Your pillow looks amazing. Is the pillow form sewn in it? I still need to wrap presents as well. One thing at a time... Today I ordered and will pick up family pictures to give to the grandparents. I still have to scrapbook them. But I did make the binding for my personal Christmas quilt.

  8. Wow the pillow is great. I am sure your SIL will love it. My presents are wrapped and posted. One lot travels over 3000 klm to my son and his wife in Western Australia and the others travel 2500 to family in the Northern Territory.
    The pants bags are great. I love home made gifts.
    Cheers Pauline


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