Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas treats :)

I wanted to make my aunt in Germany a Christmas present. Mutter said she loved her Pants Bag I'd made her in the summer, so I thought I'd make her a cushion. I used some charm squares for a simple 4 x 4 design:

And this fabric from my stash for the back:

All packed up with some bars of Bourneville chocolate (her 'allowed' treat) and sent off to Hameln ... Frohe Weihnachten, liebe Tante Margot x

Last night and tonight, out of my new Christmas fabric bought in Liberty, I made 2 more Christmas sweetie (pants) bags (I will makes some more tomorrow and post a tutorial). They came together so quickly, perfect gifts! 

If you had one, what sweets would you fill it with? For me it'd have to be retro sweets:

I asked DH, what would he put in his - he thought for about 5 seconds before saying with a big grin, "M & Ms ... but emptied out so your hand moves about in them!" Hmmmm, funny the things you still don't know after nearly 16 years:

Tomorrow, I'll be basting, quilting and binding this:

Sunday, we'll be buying and putting up the Christmas Treeeeeeeeeeee! Busy busy busy ... but what fun! Hope you have a fabby weekend too :)

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  1. So many sweet things you are showing today!
    I´ll be back to learn how to make those lovely bags!;-)

  2. Wow Gilly you have been busy, I am sure your aunt will love the cushion. The star is very eye catching, Is it a block or a table centre ?.

    Cheers Pauline

  3. Looks like you are making some great progress on your Christmas list. Thanks for sharing. I love the pieced border you added to the star quilt.

  4. How in the world do you get so much accomplished? You are Wonder Woman with sewing talent. Lovely projects, my dear. I'll take a peanut M&M. Now I have to go to town and get some. No wonder I don't get anything done around here. I'm blaming you this

  5. Your aunt is sure to love that sweet cushion! You sure are a busy quilter. What lovely projects - ALL!

  6. Lovely cushion, one of my favourite fabric ranges!

  7. You've been busy! I love the cushion especially!

  8. Fun projects. I walked past the candy shop the other day filled with baskets of Taffy and so i think that would make a colorful choice. Got to love Retro tho

  9. I agree with Carla - how do you get so much accomplished? Put my tree up this weekend and it does look lovely - lovin' those lights. Favourite treats - Galaxy Minstrels from your lovely country! I, too, like those retro treats. Brings back memories of when we used to go to the corner store with a quarter and come home with a big bag of treats.


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