Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas finishes - am getting there ...

I started making this Christmas Throw for my niece at the end of November and finished sewing on the binding this week - not bad going. Not bad at all :)
Before starting the quilting, I have my routine  - I get all my bits together, then give the machine a bit of a clean (it always needs it!) Ewwwww:

I have two ways of joining the binding ends. The 'quick way' - hiding the end in the beginning - and this way:

Which do you prefer? Here's the front:

And the back:

And the label:
Also, I made this little Pants Bag (for ballet shoes) for the daughter of my 'frolleague':

And over the weekend, I shall be quilting and finishing this baby crib quilt:

Did someone mention wrapping Christmas Presents? Pah! Plenty of time yet :)
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  1. Both of those turned out great! Binding has been a bit of a problem for me from the beginning. But I picked up a hint from Jenny Doan (Missouri Star Quilting Co.) that has made it much easier. Lately I've been using the second method in your post. Her hint was cut some of the extra off of the binding, open it up flat and that is the exact amount of overlap you need from each side. Why didn't I think of that? What type of pen do you use for your labels? Do you have to heat set it or anything? I've had some that claim to be permanent fabric markers and then they run when water hits them.

  2. I always bind like you did here. What fun quilts! The bear will make someone very happy! Don't even mention presents to wrap, ugh!

  3. I clean my machine every Friday, but not today. I had to clean it yesterday and have´t sewn today.
    I really like the things that you show today!
    Have a nice weekend,-)

  4. Oh that snowman backing is so cute!

  5. I have done the first binding method on many quilts. I just recently tried the second method, and I love it! That quilt looks amazing, and you have such cute fabric for your pants bags.

  6. I always do a diagonal seam finish on my binding (unless I'm really, really short of fabric and only have enough for a straight seam - it has happened!!) I absolutely LOVE your throw. The bag and baby quilt are lovely too.You are such a busy girl !!

  7. The Christmas quilt is perfect, Jennifer! What a wonderful gift. Glad to see that sweet pink bear will be getting quilted next. It's sew cute!

  8. Wonderful holiday quilt. Love your fabrics!

  9. That Christmas quilt is gorgeous Jennifer! One lucky niece you have, that's for sure.

    And you have LOTS of time to wrap presents. I made some fabric drawstring bags in lots of sizes last year so that I didn't have to wrap with paper. Best thing I ever did!

  10. Wow, fabulous stuff! I love the Christmas throw. I started a Christmas quilt over a year ago - I think I have 3 of the blocks finished. Oh well, maybe next year! :) The pants bag is adorable. And the Teddy bear is just too cute! I need to get on the stick with my Christmas shopping today!

  11. Pretty, pretty tree skirt. :) Isn't it amazing how fast the undercarriage gets to looking like that??


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