Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Year ... new challenges :)

After reading my friend Carla's post @ creatin in the sticks, I was drawn to respond with this quote by Albert Einstein:

A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new

I'm not really one for making resolutions (years of disappointment after no success!) but this year, I'm making two :)

My personal one is simply - GET FITTER! After breaking my shoulder last March, I have let my fitness go and I will have to do a running test at work soon so that'll be my motivation. 

My quilting one is - TRY NEW STUFF! I'm in a rut and my sewing time is limited compared to last year which puts me in a rush and tends to have me repeating myself, whilst not trying anything new.

In the spirit of it all, here are my 3 little finishes - zipped make-up/toiletries bags for my best friend's 3 daughters who came to stay with us for the New Year. We wrapped up well (yes that's me in the silly red hat) and went for a 2 hour country walk:

And here is my something new - for me - the start of a Dresden Plate cushion for a friend at work who retires this month. I can't remember when I bought the ruler but it was still in its packaging!

I'm pressing the seams open and joining in quarters:

And taking my time quilting it:

Hope to finish this tomorrow! I'd love to hear about your resolutions :)

Linking up to Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts and Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict. So thankful these ladies still host these linky parties so that little blogs like mine get read! And that I can find inspiration by reading others' blogs. 

Happy New Year to you all x


  1. Well done for trying the Dresden, they're fun to make.
    All the best with the resolutions.

  2. Those pouches are adorable! I love that they are personalised, I'm sure they loved them. Your Dresden is looking beautiful too, I love making Dresdens!

  3. Aren't dresden plates fun to make!? My resolution is to trust more and worry less.

  4. All right, you've got me wondering where my Dresden ruler is. Your cushion is so lovely, I just might have to take the hint and put that on my 'to make' list for 2015. I just love those soft pinks! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  5. No resolutions for this cat. Too easy to get discouraged ; )
    Enjoy getting fit. I've been eating differently and feel less tired so that's a start

  6. Even more darling projects. I have yet to try making a Dresden. It is on my bucket list. I just found out that the ruler I have is for 40 blades per circle. I think I need one like yours before I give it a try.

  7. Ugh - now I've got to get out my Dresden plates. I have about 60 of them needing to be stitched down and made into a fabby quilt top. I'm scared of the applique, but you've inspired me with your very lovely cushion.

    Love your red hat.

  8. Oh, I love Dresdens!
    They are so fun to sew!
    I have to stop myself from sewing them all the time!
    As usual you are so kind and give your friends home made gifts!
    Think you are looking good in that red hat!

  9. Your Dresden looks lovely, Jennifer. Your new year goal is a great one! It is so much fun to try new things. And I agree with that quote. Mistakes are a part of learning. Happy 2015!

  10. Pretty makes! I always intended to make a Dresden quilt, the cushion is lovely. Just trying to find the energy for some quilting - two days back at work and I'm shattered...x

  11. My resolution is to walk a 5 K this year. Your quilting is great. Love the bags.

  12. Lovely Dresden cushion in the making, very pretty fabric. I've just been looking at a lovely Dresden wall hanging in Primitive Quilts and I think I'll have a go at that. I want to finish my sampler quilt this year and like you have the courage to try new stuff without getting myself all stressed !!!


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