Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The cleaning fairy has been!!!

What a difference a few hours and a bit of organising can achieve. I had to do this today or I could not in all good conscience start any new projects (and I have plenty on my list!) I still have to hoover but a precious little puddy cat won't shift her bum so I won't disturb her any more today. You can see how exhausted she was by the whole clean-up process:

I do have a lot of stuff! I couldn't even get 2012's magazines in to this box and it's only JUNE!!

Much better (good old IKEA shelving) - I know it's still a  'busy' space but it's 'organised busy' so I know where everything is and what I have got:

Nice and tidy tables ... just begging to be sewn upon: 

And a clear ironing space: let me introduce you to Cuthbert - he's the funny looking little knitted teddy to the right of the iron. My dear Nen made him for me about 35 years ago - I think he was the prototype that didn't quite make it to the jumble sale and I said I'd look after him - I can't believe I've managed to hang on to him all these years :)

I love this vintage blanket airer - I bought it at an Antique Shop in Rye (a beautiful town on the Sussex coast) a couple of years back with my birthday money - it's fabby for hanging bigger pieces of ironed fabric on:

And these little baskets I got at the weekend at the garden centre - ideal for holding the fabric for new projects. The one at the back is full of fabric waiting to be turned into 'USA #5' but I need to wash it all first and the weather is foul so I will have to wait for some sunshine (I know ... don't hold my breath!)

 PROOF - I have been busy lately, I do clean this out regularly (honest!) but ... ugh!!

 And a little reminder of a few of the things I want to make:

What bliss - a tidy space is a tidy mind = lots of new quilting projects ... YAY!!!!!!!!

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