Thursday, 7 June 2012

I'm on a roll ...

I really do find that having a tidy space makes me want to create more - does it work that way for you too? So, tonight after work, I looked at my list and reckoned I could manage to sew another thing (or two) and started with a Pants Bag for my dear Aunty Lilian. I had been meaning to make her one for ages, then I thought I had (oh, you know how the mind plays tricks on you as you get older!), so I looked through my old photos, diary entries and blog but, no, I couldn't find any evidence of it so that was that.

Aunty Lil is a huge Everton fan and I am not - I am a huge Liverpool fan!! But, let's put that aside ... when choosing colours for her Pants Bag, it had to include some Everton blues so this is what I made for her:

 I'll pop it in the post tomorrow - I hope she likes it :)

And, very quickly (and I mean VERY quickly) I made this cute little Peg Bag for me:

Two more things off the list ... please please please let there be nice drying weather at the weekend so that I can wash all the fabric and make a start on 'USA #5' :)

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