Sunday, 10 June 2012

Handled 3 times in 3 hours!!

Not me, sadly ;( but this bundle of fabric loveliness which is going to be turned into a lapquilt (60" x 60") for my dear cousin, June ('USA #5' - the last of the series from great-Aunt Jenny's stash):

1) Hand washed:

Not a great looking sky but I'm optimistic the rain will stay away just long enough to get it all dried:

2) Dried:

3) Ironed and ready to pick from:

I love playing with my great-Aunt's fabric, especially when I come across a piece she cut from ... I wonder where this little square ended up?

and she had some lovely fabrics - I get to pick from some really big pieces and some scrappy ones too:

And now the exciting part begins: lots and lots to choose from but what's the best pattern to showcase these treasures???

What fun :)


  1. Love reading your blog - you make some fantastic things!

    1. Thanks Rose, how sweet of you to comment x maybe I could make you something for Sprog #2?!?


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