Saturday, 9 June 2012

A perfect day for quilting :)

The weather was better this morning (i.e. no gales or torrential rain) but it was still cold so a perfect day to be sewing in the loft. I decided to create the Playmat for baby River Faith but wasn't sure on a pattern. I scoured the usual places (books, magazines, blogs) but was still undecided. I think I was struggling because of all the different colours, animals and shapes in the fabric:

So, if you take a close look at the drawing, I decided to make blocks with the 3 darker pinker fabrics shaped in the letter 'R' and use the rest to build around the 'R'. I was a bit worried about how the leg of the letter would turn out as it looked a lot 'thinner' in my drawing than the rest of the letter but decided to go with it anyway.

Fabric all cut and soooooo much quicker when I changed the blade on my rotary cutter!

I thought it would be easier to sew the squares into blocks of four (rather than single rows), so the first 3 blocks looked like this:

And so on:

Until all 60 squares (15 blocks) were sewn together:

I'm not sure now it's finished: the 'R' isn't as effective as I thought it would be. I'm going to add a border, maybe that will help. It looks like this in black and white:

You can make it out a bit better which I think means I have chosen the right shades of colour but ... oh, I'm not sure - I'll leave it for today. And I thought I was being really clever with this design, hmmm ... if you have any ideas on how I could make it stand out more (without unpicking and starting again!!), please please let me know:)


  1. Hi is this your UFO. My thoughts are to make the R stand out perhaps tyou can either embroider around it. (by hand or Machine) Or out line it with Ric Rac, braid or Ribbon. Would save a lot of unpicking.

    Cheers Pauline.
    PS how clever are you to make the R.

  2. Thanks Pauline, sweet of you to take the time to look and I am determined now to finish this. The timing is perfect because it is nearly little River's first birthday so she can have it as a present. I'm going to try the Ric Rac ... Not used it before but I do like trying new things! Wish me luck, Jen :)


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