Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bags and basting!!

I have FINALLY basted 'USA #5' this morning (thanks Nick x) and will be quilting it within the hour ... YAY!!!! I have made the label, cleaned my machine, changed the needle, auditioned the cottons and prepared 5 bobbins:

I have also made some more bags this week too ... I am a monster out of control with this bag making lately but it's wonderful to a) make lovely things for the lovely ladies in my life b) think up, create and finish a bag in a few hours and c) use up my fabulous stash :)

Just to be clear, these are gifts and usually I am not even asked to make them ... I just kind of get carried away once I start ...

For Ajoke's daughter (friend at work):

For Mum:

For Mandy's daughter (friend at work):

For sis (in-law) Deborah:

Deborah doesn't know I've made her this so it will be a nice surprise when her and Mum arrrive for their mini-break next week. She'll be able to use it when she (inevitably) goes shopping!!

I start jury service tomorrow (how exciting!!) so I do not know how much time I'll have to sew at the end of each day ... best I MYBA - move yer bloomin' **** - up to the loft and get quilting :)

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