Saturday, 25 August 2012

Finished 'USA #5' ... so happy :) but also a little sad :(

I was on holiday, sitting in cousin Lora's screenporch in Chesapeake Bay last September when she brought her Mom's box of fabric out of her garage where it had sat for 20+ years. I was overwhelmed - not just at the quantity and quality but I had a profound emotional reaction when I touched my great-aunt Jenny's fabric ... it made me cry. I felt a connection to my great aunt and became very excited when Lora said I could have it all! How very kind. This post shows how much I had to fit in a suitcase and bring home ... just as well I have an understanding husband :)

I decided early on that I just had to make a lapquilt for each of my great aunt's female relatives - 1 daughter, 2 grand-daughters and 2 daughters-in-law and that I would only use her fabric - no adding from my stash so no cheating allowed!

I started in January 2012 and finished the last one on Thursday night - 'USA #5' is for cousin June, also a quilter (and a much better one than I - no pressure there then!) and, although I tried to make it perfect, it isn't ... I hope she won't mind:

A close-up:

And the back:

I have really really really enjoyed making these quilts for my cousins and I am a little sad the adventure is now over. I have handled this fabric more than usual as I just counted up:

1) First touch in the screenporch
2) Back in the box
3) Into 'sucky bags'
4) Into the suitcase
5) Out of the suitcase and folded
6) Sorted, selected, handwashed and pegged out to dry
7) Ironed and cut
8) Pieced and quilted

and many times I have thought of my great aunt Jenny and where she might have been and what was going on in her life when she was touching and buying all those different pieces of fabric. I think she had great taste, I am so grateful she had small and larger pieces in her stash - I got close to running out on a couple of occasions - but i did it. Five lapquilts in 8 months ... each one lovingly made for my 5 very special cousins:

'USA #1' - for Lora (daughter):

'USA #2' - for Lauren (grand-daughter):

'USA #3' - for Emily (grand-daughter):

'USA #4' - for Jeanie (daughter-in-law):

'USA #5' - for June (daughter-in-law):

I am a lucky girl - lucky to have my wonderful USA family in my life, lucky to have found this fabulous hobby, lucky to have the time and space to create, lucky to have a husband who supports me (and chooses fabric colours for me sometimes too!) ... I am so lucky and very thankful :)


  1. Oh Glinda what a loving idea. All the quilts look amazing, lucky ladies.


    1. Thank you, Pauline ... I have enjoyed the journey :)


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