Friday, 24 August 2012

I'm cured!!!

It must have been one of those 24 hour bugs or something because this week I have spent some money!! A couple of charity shop finds, a garden centre flower pot and a visit to my LQS today has restored my faith in my compulsive shopping habit!!

I'm always on the lookout for little baskets or quirky pots to store things in my quilting room and whilst this isn't a typical quilting supplies accessory, it was just too lovely to leave on the shelf:

In the charity shop at Rochester, I picked up this really cute vase which is ideal for my spare cottons and it's just big enough for my hand to reach in like a kid in a sweet shop:

And in my local charity shop - the bargain purchase of the year, nay the decade!!! I am always envious of people who just 'stumble across' the best little objects but this week it was ME! Look what I found for only ... wait for it ... £5 - yes, you read it right: FIVE English Pounds:

I wasn't sure what to put on it at first because the little compartments are too small for a fat quarter but they are ideal for scraps of 1/8 size and jars of cottons and bobbins and pins and tape measures ... I may paint it pink one day but, for now, how wonderful:

I 'popped in' to Yarnia today - my local quilting supplies store: it's such a cute little shop and Nicci and her Mum Trish work so hard trying to make the business a success ... I just had to support them by buying a few fabrics (and some cotton, rotary blades and ribbons):

The orange and turquoise blenders are 'Dotty Scroll' by Makower and the flowers (front right) is Tanya Whelan's Sugar Hill - Falling Rose and the middle 3 lovelies from left to right are:

'Wild Flowers', 'Sweet Birdie' (Tweet Blooms) and 'Sweet Birdie' (Petals and Pals) by Kathy Davis:

No idea what I'll use them for yet but that doesn't matter, hey?? Oh, I am sooooooo looking forward to a 3-day weekend of quilting :)


  1. Great find, nice and bright


    1. Thanks, Pauline ... I'm always tempted despite my good intentions!!


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