Monday, 20 August 2012

I didn't buy anything ... am I ill????

It has been soooooooooooo very hot here the last few days. We (Nick, his Mum and sis) all ventured out on Saturday down to Rochester, Kent for a spot of retail therapy and I can only conclude that it was the heat affecting me ... I NEVER go into this shop without buying anything - but that's what happened - Deborah and I walked around for a good 10 minutes and I did not buy a thing that's right ... NOTHING!!!


Oh my, please let this not be a serious setback in my quilting life ... how very dare I call myself a passionate quilter if I can resist the temptation of new fabric purchases ... I still can't believe it myself :(

I did make another couple of tote bags over the weekend! Even though the loft was a sweltering 30C, I wanted to make Mum a bag - and she picked out her own fabrics, which was lovely (Winchester by Makower):

And then another for Aunty Ruth's birthday - well what do you give to an 87 year old who has everything? I added some biscuits too! Mum said 'purple' is Aunty Ruth's favourite colour and I've been wanting to use this Eastern Eye Miniatures collection from Fabric Freedom for some time so this is what I made:

And a glimpse of the inside:

And I have machine sewn the binding onto the front of 'USA #5' but just need the temperature to cool a few degrees before I lay it on my lap for 3 hours to hand sew the back of the binding.

Happy quilting ... I'm really hoping my little stash-resisting setback is nothing serious  :)

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