Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Done my quilting!!

Well, as suspected, Jury Service was a little slow the first two days ... I didn't even get selected :( but on the plus side it meant I was home by 3.30pm Monday and Tuesday and I was able to complete the quilting of 'USA #5' ... yippeeeee :)

I was very tempted to try and FMQ it with the little flowers I did on the table mats but wise husband advised to 'stick with what you know' ... so I did:

You can definitely see some funny shapes in my meandering ... But, you know what? I think I prefer it better when it isn't perfect. And the binding is all waiting to be attached. I can't wait to finish and get it in the post to cousin June in America :)

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  1. I really like the colours you are using and your meandering looks great. Your cousin is very lucky Thank you for joining my site and I hope you enjoy reading about Bob and my quilting efforts.

    Cheers Pauline


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