Wednesday, 26 September 2012

One UFO finally finished :)

At last, I have finished this playmat / baby quilt after great advice from Pauline about adding RicRac and the fact that it is little River's 1st birthday in a couple of weeks time (nothing like a looming deadline to get the motivation going!)

Here is the front (finished at about 44" x 70"):

and a close up:

the back:

and the all-important label. I was intrigued to read all the different ways we prepare our labels on Quilters World Facebook page this week. I don't know how to embroider (I didn't know how to sew at all until 2010!) so I choose a light / plain rectangle from a piece of leftover fabric from the front, stabilise it with freezer paper, write on with permanent pen, zig zag stitch to back of quilt and then for added security, FMQ it. This is how River's turned out:

It's in the post, I hope she likes it :)

[Apologies to previous readers of this original post as I have just had to retype it from memory (Fri 28 Sep). Somehow, I deleted the post when I went in to edit it to add that I had linked this to Crazy Mom's Quilts Finish it up Friday ... also, it's messed up the link :( that'll teach me to mess about ... I should just stick to quilting!!!]


  1. Looks great I am sure Little River will treasure it

    Cheers Pauline

  2. What a lovley Quilt for a little princess - I like it very much!

    greetings from Germany

  3. Thanks Kerstin, I think she may be too young to like it now but I know her Mummy will :)

  4. What a neat quilt... very pretty.

  5. That is so cute! What a special gift for a special birthday!

  6. Very cool quilt - very creative and the colours are so pretty!

  7. All I can say is "WOW" . For someone who hasn't been sewing and quilting very long, this is terrific. I've been sewing for more years than I can remember and I am thoroughly impressed with your project. Good job and what a lucky little girl who will get to snuggle under your gift.

  8. Hi hun i just wanted to say on here, Thank you so much for Rivers quilt/playmat it is beautiful and perfect. Everyone has been admiring but no1 more than me lol and iv not let anyone else touch it haha. I have based her new bedroom around this quilt so it will b a pink patchwork themed bedroom as she will be vacating her nursery in april for baby no 2 lol. Im sooo chuffed with it thank you soooooooo sooooo much! u r sooo talented xxxx hope u got the thankyou card xxx

  9. Oh thank you, Sam, how sweet of you to leave a comment. You are funny not letting anyone touch it! Oooooh, now you're talking about bedroom themes, I'll just have to make her a Pants Bag (for when she gets her first pants!) Thank you for loving my work :) xx


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