Monday, 10 September 2012

Teenagers not allowed!!!

Remember last week was supposed to be a 'rest' from sewing ... well, that won't happen if you invite your teenage god-daughters (visiting for the Paralympics) to come and have a look around your sewing room and then have a conversation a little like this:

Me: Would you like me to make you a new Pants Bag? (Christmas Presents 2011)
Them: Yes please (with sweet smiles)
Me: And a cushion too?
Lucy: No, that's ok
Millie: Yes please
Lucy: Ok, I'll have a cushion too
Me: Would you like to choose your own fabrics?
Them: Yes please (with bigger smiles)

Ah, as you see, I only have myself to blame! And off they went, pulling out fat quarters, charm packs and scraps. I left them to it and went back up to the loft a little while later. It was lovely to let them pick their own selection and ordering of fabric because I know I would have chosen differently. Also, because they had complete freedom to roam and choose from my entire stash, they weren't restricted by any, 'I'm saving that for something else' thoughts.

So as not to be left out, I did invite their Mum up to pick out fabrics for a Pants Bag too! So, off they went to the Athletics Stadium at about 3.20pm and by 8.45pm, I had made all of this loveliness:

Close up of Millie's (she chose Moda Hideaway charm pack and a cream blender) :

And Lucy's (a mixture of Moda charm packs and others):

And their Mum's:

They were home around 10.30pm and I'm just sorry I didn't take a photo of their delighted faces! Maybe teenagers are allowed after all :)


  1. We have the same taste in fabrics. I have or have used most of the same fabrics. Great minds do think alike! I hope that your sewing room never actually gets burgled...or you just might know where to look for the missing goods! LOL

  2. That made me smile :)
    I can't believe how many charm packs you have! I adore them but they're so expensive in the UK ... The last few I've used I bought in America - will have to visit again soon and stock up methinks!

  3. I do have a ton of charm packs and I have used a ton of charm packs too! I adore them too! When you are in the US, look me up and we can get into some trouble (ummm, I mean go shopping together). :)
    I was reading your profile and I am starting to believe that we could be sisters from another mother & father. LOL
    Let me 'splain....I started quilting in 2010 when I was age 41! Unbelievable right! It was love at first feed dog drop for me. <3

    1. And was love at first 1/4" seam sewn for me!!! I love it ... ALL of it but especially making the purchases!!!! Ha ha, I've found my 'quilt twin' !!!!

  4. Lucky girls, wonderful God Mother


    1. Bless you Pauline - I think I'm the lucky one to have this wonderful hobby :)


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