Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Shopping in Amsterdam!!

What a lovely first day we had yesterday. Within the hour, we had hit the markets and I stumbled across a lady selling fabric (they also have a shop, so best I find that too whilst I'm here!) 

All of this loveliness for €3 per 1/2 yard ... how could I leave it behind?? To be fair, I'm surprised I only chose 21 of the little beauties! Not the type of 'stash' most people buy when they come to Amsterdam but makes me very happy :)

Then, to top of my day, as if it could get any better, the lovely Tonya over at Crazy Mimi Quilts posted a 'chat' we had over the weekend about my quilting life. Please go and have a read and whilst you're there, take a look at the beautiful things Tonya makes. Thanks Tonya, hope you have a great week :)


  1. Jennifer, Sounds like you had a great trip to Amsterdam. That's quite a lovely stack of lovelies above and quite an unusual "stash" for the location. The fact that the other tourists focused on the other "commodities" only left more of the good stuff above for you! I can't wait to see what they will become! Tonya

    1. Thanks Tonya - supposed to be making two lap quilts but couldn't help diving into all if this loveliness!! Made a tote bag already :)

    2. I do the same thing...either I dive in right away or I save it forever 'cause I don't want to use it & then not have it anymore!


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