Friday, 14 September 2012

The best thing about being a Quilter ...

... is that you get to create unique and special gifts that generate smiles :) C'mon - who doesn't break out into a spontaneous grin when the recipient of your latest creation says thank you? Well, I did today when Lisa's fiance texted me to say, Many thanks for my Batman and Spiderman pants bag! It's fab! Just need some Batman & Spiderman pants now! :)

So, that got me thinking to whose face I want to put a smile on next ... and my new project this week is a lapquilt for Nick's cousin in Harrisburg, PA. Dear Marisa (and Jimmy) got flooded out of their home during the Tropical Storm in September last year, lost everything and are slowly rebuilding a home. I did send a cushion last year (I wasn't very good at making quilts then) but, with the anniversary this month, I really want to make her something more substantial and special.

You may remember, I bought all this fabric a little while back:

and then did my usual this week of pouring over countless magazines, blogs and blocks books for inspiration. I drew (and discarded) a few of my own patterns and decided to stop planning and just start sewing with a central block. I paper pieced it to give it sharp lines :

and this has finished at 21" ... but I'm stuck now ... what to do next?? All ideas, gratefully received :)

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