Sunday, 30 September 2012

Still sick = Sunday scrappy sewing :)

It's only a cold but it's a cold that won't shift - after 8 days :( probably didn't help that I had a busy week at work so had no chance to rest up. But yesterday was a duvet day, I rested, recharged and dear hubby brought me soup and FAB ice lollies ... exactly what I felt like eating. 

Woke up late this morning, cold still here so didn't make it to Church but showered and felt like a bit of sewing after lunch so climbed into the loft to see what I could muster up the enthusiasm to make. I looked at this (Aunty G's lapquilt - front all pieced and the back needs finishing) but felt it was beyond me for today (sorry, Aunty G - promise you'll have it soon!):

So I looked around my sewing room and my eye was drawn to this plastic bag (allbeit a Cath Kidston plastic bag!) hanging off the end of my ironing board which my general rubbish and cuttings get put into:

I had previously made my sewing machine cover and sewing machine mat out of leftover fabric from a 1/2 log cabin quilt I made in 2011 and still had lots left so I set about replacing that CK plastic bin. Half way through, looking at all these seams, I did think perhaps this was a lot of work for a bin, but I was really relaxed, listening to the radio and having fun:

and after a bit more cutting, piecing, ironing and joining together, I had made this loveliness: 

and that really should have been enough for one day but my eye then glanced to the right and saw this plastic bag (allbeit a House of Fraser PINK plastic bag!) which I use for holding my little 'leader' and 'finisher' scrap pieces:

and I still had all of this left:

it took MINUTES (seriously) to have these 3 parts ready to join together:

and then there was this:

and all that was left of the scraps was this:

and this is how they all look together:

I'm back in my bed (it's only 8pm!), I've had some more soup and a cup of tea and have a new blog post to share. Life is good, even with a cold :)


  1. Nice job, especially with the cold.I hope you feel better soon! :) But my sewing room is so jealous now... me with my nekked sewing machine & ironing board, I feel like such a slacker!

  2. What beautiful bags and sewing machine cover - such a great way to use up your scraps!


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