Sunday, 14 October 2012

A weekend of scrumptious sewing!

I love my work (most of the time) but I love my patchwork and quilting more (and ALL of the time!) So this weekend I devoted lots of hours to sewing in my loft and I'm now on schedule to finish a couple of quilts :) First up, I had to clear up the big mess left behind by the Farmer's Wife!


And after, with just a wave of my wand (I wish!):

That's better - a tidy sewing room meant I could finish the back of Aunty G's lap quilt - a rather large one (70" x 70" ish) so it required quite a bit of piecing. I used some bits left over from the front and I purchased some extra yardage of one of the charm pack squares (used in the front) and it looks like this:

Secondly, I went to work on a lap quilt I'm making for Nick's cousin, Marisa, who lives in America (PA). I started this a while back and got stuck because I made the 21" centre square first (no pattern, just made it up as I went along ... oops!) and then couldn't decide how to build out from there (that'll learn me!) but the 'inspiration fairy' came a visiting and this is where she took me:

Very bright and cheery ... just like dear Marisa ... now I need to think about a border and that'll be another quilt top finished ... YAY!

Did you have a good weekend sewing??


I love reading all your comments, I know it takes time to write them but they make me smile so thank you for dropping by :)