Friday, 12 October 2012

Farmer's Wife Fabby Friday :)

Six blocks to share with you and I have had lots of fun today :) I re-did the two 'test run' blocks and they came up a perfect 7" as did the next four ... YAY!! After much um-ing and agh-ing over what fabrics to choose, I have decided on a mixture of scraps and existing stash - pinks, whites and greens :)

#1 Attic Windows:

#2 Autumn Tints:

#6 Big Dipper:

#10 Bowtie:

#12 Broken Sugar Bowl:

#14 Butterfly at the Crossroads:

And all 6, which is your favourite?

Come back next Friday to see the next six :D


  1. Gorgeous! I can't wait to see the next round!

  2. this is going to look lovely when its finished.

  3. Thank you both, you're so sweet, I love love love reading your comments :D

  4. I am loving your blocks. You have really pretty scraps and they look so good together! I have had my eye on this book for awhile, but decided it was too involved. I like your take on it - I may need to rethink my decision! :)

  5. Thanks Karen - I'm definitely making it manageable otherwise I'd give up (nearly did on Wednesday!) and I don't like triangle templates so worked out what a half square triangle measurement would be and went from there ... I'll add some tips as I go from next week but I just wanted to get on and sew yesterday :)

  6. Your color choices are awesome! I too decided to try my hand at it. So far I only finished one block but thoroughly enjoyed making it.

    1. Thanks Colette, it's lovely of you to comment. I have set myself a little target of 6 a week but some blocks are definitely more tricky to make than others. I'll hopefully do another post tonight - hope you keep going :)


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