Friday, 19 October 2012

Farmer's Wife Fabby Friday (2)

Welcome to my second week of Farmer's Wife blocks - I now have 12 ... yay!

Before I intoduce you to these little sweeties, let me share a heart-warming story about a real Farmer's Wife, Janet Howes, who passed away after 33 years of married life.

The story tells you about her husband Winston, now aged 70, who spent a week planting a meadow of oak saplings after his wife of 33 years Janet died suddenly 17 years ago. I'm warning you now ... grab a tissue!

The giant heart formed with 6000 oak trees which Winston Howes planted in memory of his late wife Janet. Photo: Andy Collett /

Isn't love grand? I was Google searching and just came across it - just HAD to share it with you all:)

If you have recovered, please feast your eyes on this week's six blocks. So far, I'm hitting my mini-target and am still enjoying making these cute little blocks, even though a couple were a bit tricky this week.

First up, #8 Bouquet:

#16 Calico Puzzle:

The next one was a little tricky - 25 separate pieces and, despite my utmost concentration, it was only after I had pressed and trimmed, that I realised that I hadn't placed the flower blocks on diagonal sides ... oh well, never mind, I still like it!

#19 Checkerboard:

#21 Contrary Wife. Ha, that's soooooooo me:

#30 End of Day:

#54 Kitchen Woodbox

And all six together:

Do you have a favourite this week?


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  1. I love these too! Great job! Oh, & I hope my husband would mourn for me that way but I'm afraid he may just shove me in a hefty bag and party! Just kidding!


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