Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Let the seams decide ...

I've been working on my Farmer's Wife Quilt and some cushions for my nephew over the last couple of days and I was struck by how those lovely little 1/4" seams 'talk' to you. If you turn the block over, place it near to your iron and just wait ... be patient now ... wait a little ... there you go, they will tell you whether they want to be pressed open, all to the left / right or with a bit of everything: 

Try it. See what I mean?? Or is it just a little Glinda madness ... :)

Whilst you're pondering on that, please please please go and visit my very good quilting friend, Tonya of Crazy Mimi Quilts and take part in her first ever giveaway ... tell  her I sent you and the best of luck to you all!

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