Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Farmer's Wife ... Farmer's STRIFE!

Well, I've finally made a start on my Farmer's Wife Quilt ... YAY! First off, I made the decision to make this a totally manageable (and fun!) project just for me so I'll be making a lapquilt (only 50 blocks) ... I studied the book and chose my 50 based on whether I liked:

1) the title
2) the story
3) the look of the block

Starting with #12 (Broken Sugar Bowl) which ticked all 3, I chose some pink and green scraps for a test run. I won't be making a test run version of every block but I want to start accurately and know that, for me, I'll be more confident to make the harder blocks once I get the first few right. Another reason for choosing scraps and a test run is I still can't decide on what colours / fabric style to go with. I really like the "modern" colours I've seen around (check out Amanda's and Heather's and the extremely talented Camille's work) but I also think this really is a grrrrrrreat opportunity to use up my scraps. And lastly, this is going to be a quilt for me and I have loved (nearly) all of the fabrics I've bought / used up to now in my short quilting life and, if I go with my scraps, I have the chance to chuck them all together and remember all the lovely things I've gifted :)

So, gosh that was a lot of words! Here is my first effort, which was made with 22 little pieces:

It's finished up at nearly 7 1/4" (I'm sure it's only supposed to be 6 1/2"?)

Looking for an 'easy' second block for comparison, I chose some blue scraps to make #2 (Autumn Tints) and it finished at 7" ... Oh dear :(

Does anyone know what might have happened? All templates were printed at the same time, Scouts Honour I cut and sewed my 1/4" precisely!

Oh well, these blocks will not be wasted and will surely find themselves made into a cushion or Pants Bag in the future:

I'll just have to go and make some more!!

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  1. Your blocks look great. I have found some patterns don't print true to size. You may be able to find the blocks you want to use at
    Quilters Cache. (do a google search). There are hundreds of blocks. I use blocks from this site often. The instructions are easy to understand and the paterns print true to size.

    Good luck


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