Friday, 5 April 2013


Dad always said his sister (my dear Aunty G) was a "compulsive shopper" as every time she turned up for a visit, she'd come bearing him gifts! Anything from a pair of marigolds (washing up gloves) to a charity shop teapot; it gave him endless hours of amusement guessing what she'd bring him each time!! She also is a great bargain hunter so they'd both be proud of me this week as I have shopped ... compulsively ... and found some bargains.

First up at my LQS (Yarnia) this week, the lovely Nicci 'talked me into' signing up for a bag workshop next month and when she showed me the new fabric we'd be using - a gorgeous linen feel - I talked myself into buying 1/2 a metre and some matching white spots on red for my stash! Whilst I was there, I also bought some Moda Spraytime fat quarters and yardage for my next project (more about that soon!) and some red and white border fabric for Grandma's quilt. It was really lovely to see Nicci and to meet and chat with some of the Linus Ladies and thanks, Ladies, for your advice on the 'balls' :D

Some online shopping too and DH bought me a birthday present which is coming all the way from Australia!! (Well, truth be told DH doesn't actually know how to shop online but the greeting card will say it was from him!) Hoping it will arrive in time but it doesn't matter because I'm soooooooo excited - you know how much I love pink?

Some more online shopping - thank goodness for Google - and I found some Moda wood grain yardage I'm going to need for my new project:

And this afternoon, I had to return to Hobbycraft (don't hate me, Nicci!) for some extra backing fabric for Grandma's quilt and they had a sale on! The Robert Kaufman 'Fusions' I'd bought a metre of two weeks ago for the front of the quilt for £14.79 (ouch, I know!) was reduced to £6 a metre and all this Andover Dimples and baby quilt fabric was reduced to £3 a metre - a 70% off  bargain - so after a spend of ... £84, I walked out with all of this (24 metres!) :

My Daddy would be so proud of me - and dear Aunty G, it's time to pass down the title for I surely am the 'Ultimate Compulsive Shopper', am I not :D


  1. I love bargains and rarely buy anyting that isn't on "sale". You have added to your stash very well this week. I am looking forward to seeing what you create with that "wood" fabric.
    Your birthday is soon? Well, let's start celebrating!

  2. I love bargains and it looks like you got some lovlies. :) Interested to see what you are going to do with the wood fabric. I have bought things in the past and told me family that they just bought a birthday or christmas gift for me. :) So fun - enjoy your weekend!

  3. It looks like you got some great deals! I am on a mission to use up some of my stash. Sometimes fabric is just too hard to resist! I have no clue what you spent in American dollars, but if you say it's a good deal, I believe you! :)

  4. That sound like the best shopping trip EVER... did you need a rest after that? ;-) Dreaming probably of all that gaorgeousness!


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