Monday, 6 May 2013

Back from Sweden :)

Home safe, unpacked, work clothes ready for tomorrow and feeling a bit weary now ... think I need another holiday!!

After the wedding, we travelled from Sigtuna into Stockholm for a couple of nights - a beautiful city surrounded by water and islands ... very special. Just a few photos to share - tomorrow I really must make a start on the Giveaway Pants Bags :)

This was the view from our hotel - we stayed at the Sheraton (very nice hotel but not as special as the wedding hotel):

And of the route to the Vasa Museum (I love travelling around a city on a boat, do you?

On the 10th of August, 1628 Vasa commences her maiden voyage but heels over and sinks in the middle of Stockholm harbour after sailing barely 1300 metres. Captain Sofring Hansson is arrested but released. No-one is officially blamed for the catastrophe. Attempts to raise the ship failed and she was left in the waters (perfectly preserved) for over 300 years!

Here she is now:

Someone made these 100s of metres of sails. Aren't they amazing?

DH next to a gun:

In Sweden, you have to eat meatballs - its the law!

And here's me and the bride - my beautiful 'pbf' - it was a fabulous wedding in a glorious setting. Truly, a wonderful experience and holiday. Thank you, my dear pbf xx


  1. What a wonderful trip. The bride was very pretty and your pictures are so fun to see. Thanks for sharing your weekend in Sweden.

  2. It looks like you had a great time. I suppose I could look on a map, but how far of a trip is it to Sweden? :) And did you fly there?

  3. Looks like a fab trip! Lovely photos.


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